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Free On-Demand Classes

Are you ready to get your learn on? We host free classes every month on topics that relate to the top struggles we see in women with their hormones + gut health. With the amount of knowledge + information you can find on Google, we hope to simplify it in our classes, so you feel more empowered ( +less confused) about what you can do to take back your health utilizing food as medicine.

Find the class you want to take, register, + watch it on demand! YES, take it whenever you can because we feel you on living a busy lifestyle + jugglin’ work, #momlife, and all the other directions your day may pull you.

Estrogen Dominance Class

Struggling with..

Sign up for our estrogen dominance class that will take you through root causes, what to do, and how to test correctly!

Estrogen Dominance

Hypothyroid Class

If you struggle with hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s, this class is the best!
Hypothyroid can leave women with..


Hormone Connection

If you love learning how the hormones connect to variety of things in the body, this class is for you! We talk about how

You’ll also learn about the foundational things you CAN’T skip to achieve hormone balance!

gut health test

Environmental Toxins Class

In this free class, we’re talking about how environmental toxins play a role in your health..

You’ll also leave this class understanding what some basics you can do everyday to minimize toxin load. We also talk about lab testing and how that might be beneficial for you to understand what toxins are high in the body!

environmental toxins