Struggling with Estrogen Dominance?

Women are struggling with hormonal balances left + right – is estrogen dominance something you’re worried about? We hosted a class talking all about root causes in estrogen dominance, testing, and what you can do to help balance your hormones! Grab a seat, cup o’ tea, + start learning!

    Are you feeling any of these symptoms?

    Brain Fog

    "What did I eat for lunch?"

    Weight Gain/Bloat

    "My pants don't fit anymore!"

    Low Sex Drive

    "We can try again tomorrow night, honey."

    Painful/Irregular Periods

    "Where is the Advil? I need to take a day off!"


    "My heart is racing!"

    Mood Swings

    "You better watch out!"

    Grab your seat!

    Your hormonal health starts N O W! This is a class you can watch on-demand, so whenever you are ready (and the kids are to bed 😉 ), you can grab your cup of tea and settle in with a cozy blanket to learn!