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We have vetted these companies + absolutely ADORE what they stand for + what they offer! Here on this page you head over to their website + use our discount code to get you savings on your next favorite thing! When clicking these links, we do make a small commission to no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting Nuvitru + these companies!
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High quality bone broth – use code NUVITRU for 20% off
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Best prenatal on the market – use code LAHANA10 for 10% off
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The best organic place to buy herbs
Wholesome Meat
Get regenerative grass-fed beef to your door using code NUVITRU10
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Shop our supplement dispensary without having to be a client. Make a free account and email Lahana that you signed up and she’ll give you 10% off on your account!
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Use code NUVITRUWELLNESS for 15% off on the best red light therapy!
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Brain re-training is a necessary part of healing. Join Vital Side’s courses to take your healing to the next level.
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The best quality essential oils without emptying your wallet.
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Need to love your liver and do some castor oil packs? Use code NUVITRU for 10% off
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Dairy-free coffee creamer (buy the toasted marshmallow and you won’t regret it!) Use code NUVITRUWELLNESS for 15% off.
Charge up your day with electrolytes, Get a free sample pack with your first purchase!
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Tooth products that actually help your teeth. Use code NUVITRUWELLNESS for 15% off.
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Get high quality meats here!
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Dental health doesn’t end in the bathroom. Adding dental probiotics to your routine is beneficial for gut health and your mouth. Use code NUVITRU10 for 10% off.
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CBD that tastes good and WORKS. Use code NUVITRU for 15% off
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Get high quality tea thats triple tested, leaving you with only tea and nothing else. Use code NUVITRU for 5% off.
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Make seed cycling easier – use code NUVITRU15 for 15% off
Decaf + half-caf coffee blends that taste good sans the intense caffeine hit. Use code NUVITRU for 25% off.

If you’ve ever wanted a cold plunge, but never was sure sure which one – Modtub has the coolest and one of the most affordable cold plunges on the market! Use code NUVITRU for $200 off.

Our favorite non-toxic pans that make your kitchen look good and your food taste good.