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Are you planning your day around a toilet or trying to find clothes that help you hide the bloat? And don’t even get us started about fatigue that happens smack dab in the afternoon + you’re running for your 2nd cup of coffee and chocolate! If you’re wondering why your body is hatin’ you, you’ve come to the right place + psssstt, your body is not hatin’ you. It’s speaking to you.


Our team of certified nutritionists + dietitians help you uncover the root cause to your symptoms + use dietary + lifestyle changes to get you feelin’ your BEST! Book a call to get in touch with a certified nutritionist or dietitian. We’re here to help whether you’re in Austin, Texas or elsewhere in the U.S.

No "One Size Fits All"
Get personalized help, once + for all with a Nutritionist

Despite what you’ve seen on social media, there is no one size fits all approach to diet and lifestyle. What works for your neighbor or Facebook friend does NOT mean it’ll work for you or what you need to be doing.

Someone can have that same exact diagnosis or problem, yet the root cause of why it is happening is different, so the approach is different. Our team of dietitians + nutritionists are experts in helping you figure out what is going on in YOUR body.

We can also use lab testing to uncover things that your doctor might be missing! Once we uncover your root cause, we provide phenomenal 1:1 diet and lifestyle guidance, support, and accountability, with a certified nutritionist or dietitian so you can feel confident that what you’re doing is for YOU.

Your happy ending isn’t so far away. 

While we’re located in Austin, TX our services are available to anyone in the U.S.


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What We Help With

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Gastrointestinal Disorders {Colitis, IBS, Celiac, GERD, Crohn's}

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Women's Health {PCOS, Infertility, PMS, Endometriosis, Irregular Cycles}

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Blood Sugar Dysfunction

hormone imbalance

Gut Imbalances {Yeast Overgrowth, Parasites, Bacteria Imbalance}

women's health

Stubborn Weight Loss

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Thyroid {Hypothyroid, Hashimoto's} and Hormonal Imbalances

What We Offer

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Functional Nutrition Counseling With A Nutritionist or Dietitian

If you’re ready to say goodbye to DIY and ready to start working with a licensed dietitian or certified nutritionist to livin’ your best life. Explore our packages + book a free exploration call to go over next steps in your journey.

We can help you with the right diet for stomach issues, the best diet for digestive issues, and even prenatal and postnatal nutrition advice. Our holistic dieticians can help you. We serve Austin, TX and the entirety of the U.S.

Lab Testing


We run functional medicine lab testing to look further into your hormones, stool, micronutrients, food sensitivities, mitochondria, environmental toxins, + so much more. Tests that we offer include micronutrient testing, gut health tests, nutrition response testing, gut microbiome testing, food sensitivity testing, and more.

A personal nutritionist is ready to teach you what your body is communicating to you!


Create a free account + shop our virtual dispensary where you can practitioner-grade supplements for a price that’s better than Amazon!

What Clients Are Saying

Diane Leija
Diane Leija
After a decade of seeing doctors for a myriad of health issues, I took the advice of a close friend and contacted Nuvitru. I was fortunate enough to work with Claire. The lab tests I chose helped Claire pinpoint the areas of my health that needed improvement and she explained the results in detail. She then suggested foods and supplements that would benefit me, and provided me with simple, healthy recipes, meal plans and a ton of great advice. She also recommended natural products that facilitated healing. The Healthie app was used for all video chats, texts and document storage and retrieval, and was super simple (even for the technologically challenged like me). The entire process was seamless and was conducted in the privacy of my home. I learned just how much the gut affects all facets of health, and though it was not my original goal, I lost 20 lbs! The best part of my experience however, was working with Claire. She is so friendly, incredibly knowledgeable, explanatory, responsive and truly cares about her clients. She was a delight to work with. Thank you, Claire, for giving me the guidance and tools to change my life for the better. I HIGHLY recommend Nuvitru.
Brittany Norris
Brittany Norris
I had the privilege of working with Claire for several months and it was completely worth the cost that I kept putting off pulling the trigger on. I’m so glad I invested in my health because not only did the labs show me things I feel I never would have discovered otherwise, but Claire also provided me guidance and support in working to heal those things. I have had gut issues for as long as I can remember and not only do I feel better, but I now feel like the ways of eating that I once feared I just couldn’t do, are a new way of life. Claire has helped me gain an appreciation for discovering the root cause for things and know that I don’t have to “just deal” with the discomfort!
Paula Thomas
Paula Thomas
Lahana has been a godsend! She’s been incredibly patient with all of my questions & inquiries. I’ve tried everything under the sun to get healthy & lose weight. Within just a couple of months…I went from gassy, bloated, headaches, & not sleeping well to feeling much more like a normal human! I’m still “under construction”, but I’m well on my way to getting my gut right & having a good solid plan for living the rest of my life in a healthy way.
chloe Bellows
chloe Bellows
I have been working with Claire for 2 months now and from day one she made me feel so validated. She didn’t try to tell me my symptoms were in my head. I have had SIBO for 3 years. It took my GI doctor 3 years to figure it out. I was given one round of antibiotics and sent on my way. Never a follow up and of course no symptom relief. I came to Claire and she immediately knew what actions we should take. Two weeks later I was feeling already so much better. I have had so much more energy without the help of caffeine. I’m no longer scoping out the bathroom when I go out. And more importantly I have learned to nourish my body through food and herbs. Whatever issues you have formed didn’t form over night so you can’t expect them to go away overnight. Be patient and watch the results roll in. If you are hesitant on spending the money for a package, quit it and get in with these ladies. It has truly been life changing for me. I am grateful to have found someone who cares so much about their clients wellbeing. Thank you Claire for all you have done and taught me.
I worked with Lahana for a while to help get some health issues (anxiety, mood swings, sleep issues, hair loss, exhaustion, etc.) sorted out that I’ve had going on for years that other doctors hadn’t been able to get to the bottom of. I’m still on my journey to recovering, but we discovered what was causing my issues and I’m so grateful for her help!
Tiffany Dorton
Tiffany Dorton
As a nurse practitioner practicing modern day medicine, I really thought I had a good grasp on my health. I had been working with a Homeopath for 3 years prior to starting my journey with Lahana as well. I became interested in functional medicine and started my certification. Once I started the certification I wanted to learn more and see how a functional practitioner practiced medicine. I was in for a surprise! I not only discovered the root cause to my monthly debilitating menstrual cramps was parasites and my diet, but I also discovered shortly after starting to work with Lahana that I had one large thyroid nodule and 2 small nodules. It has been such an intense 2 months and definitely an emotional roller coaster. Lahana was available any time I needed her. When I wanted to cry she listened and said encouraging words. When I had celebratory days like the first day of my menstrual cycle and didn't even know it was that time of the month she celebrated with me! She is more than just a practitioner, she really is your friend and supporter. She gets it. I hope to practice like her someday. Something that was just supposed to introduce me on how to practice functional medicine actually turned out to be more of my own healing journey that I didn't know I needed!
Kylie Felder
Kylie Felder
I worked with Lahana after dealing with some cycle issues. After following her gut reset protocol, I was completely back to having regular cycles, and am actually due with baby 4 in April! Lahana never once made me feel less than or shamed me for my previous food habits (binge eating and eating out entirely too much!). I highly recommend everyone works with Lahana to resolve even the smallest issues. Food really does make the biggest difference!
Laura Gehring
Laura Gehring
I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis In 2016 and my life used to revolve around the bathroom. At 30 years old I hated worrying about whether I would make It to the bathroom or not. I’ve worked with Claire for a few months and I’ve seen amazing results. Now I feel like I have so much more free time bc I’m not in the bathroom all day lol. I’ve learned so much about nutrition and have completely changed the way I eat and I feel so much better!
Josephine Smith
Josephine Smith
I worked with Claire for a month, and Nuvitru has completely changed my life. I have developed healthier eating patterns and choices which, in turn, fostered better coping skills. The blood panel through Nuvitru was extremely enlightening, and I highly recommend getting that done. They are so accommodating and easy to reach with any questions. I have lost over 10lbs in a month, and I have learned a diet that doesn’t make my gut issues flare up. I have more energy than ever before, and I know it is directly correlated to Claire’s suggestions and guidance. I cannot praise their services enough!
I’ve been struggling with gut issues my whole life but have been working on repair the last 5-6 years with different holistic practitioners. Lahana at Nuvitru was referred to me by a friend and I’m sooo thankful for her! She had me do labs to pinpoint my issues, tracks what I eat (if I’m consistent in logging 🤪) offers suggestions for supplements to target where my body needs some extra help, and meets with me often (virtually) to check in, follow up, answer questions and make sure progress is being made. I’ve had more progress in the last 5 months than in the last 5 years! Not only that, she is now helping me detox after a significant mold exposure. She’s been a gold mine of information and is always happy, friendly and super helpful. I HIGHLY recommend!

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