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Want to learn how hormones are connected?

Knowledge comes power! As you’ll learn in this class, there is not an easy answer to weight problems, mood swings, digestion issues, + bad sleep. It’s complex, but our goal is to bring to light some major hormones that are playing a role in this + the foundational steps YOU need to make long lasting changes. Let’s go! Make sure you grab a seat, cup o’ tea, + start learning!

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The Connections You'll Make In This Class

Learn how cortisol, thyroid, insulin, + leptin/ghrelin play a role in maintaining a healthy digestion.

You'll learn how thyroid, estrogen, cortisol, + blood sugar/insulin plays a role in weight gain!

If mood swings affect you, find out how your sex hormones, thyroid, and cortisol are the reason why!

Learn how your cortisol, melatonin, + sex hormones are impacting that beautiful thing called sleep!

Grab your seat!

Your hormonal health starts N O W! This is a class you can watch on-demand, so whenever you are ready (and the kids are to bed 😉 ), you can grab your cup of tea and settle in with a cozy blanket to learn!