Struggling with Hypothyroid?

Thyroid conditions seem to becoming more and more of an issue. If you struggle with hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s, you are in the RIGHT spot!  We are hosting a class talking all about root causes in hypothyroid, testing, and what you can do to help encourage healthy thyroid function! Make sure you grab a seat, cup o’ tea, + start learning!

    What You'll Learn In This Class

    Nutrition + Thyroid

    Uplevel your nutrition for your thyroid!

    Root Causes

    We encourage you to dig into why your thyroid is being affected in the first place!


    Be educated on what to ask your doctor for!

    How the Heck Your Thyroid Works

    Do you even understand the thyroid flow? Have no fear! We gotcha!

    Stress + Thyroid

    Time to teach you on how the adrenal + thyroid connect!

    Environment + Thyroid

    Another aspect that is often forgotten with thyroid health!

    Grab your seat!

    Your hormonal health starts N O W! Right now when you register for this class, you will get instructions on how to watch it LIVE! We will offer a watch on-demand version after October 1st!