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Dutch Hormone Test

If you’re looking for a DUTCH hormone test, you’re in the right place! Are you curious about your hormone levels because you might be struggling with certain symptoms, such as….

Weight Gain

Irregular Periods

Painful Periods


Chronic Fatigue

Low Libido

Hair Loss

…and that might be just some of the symptoms you’re struggling with!

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Dutch Hormone Test​
Understanding your hormone levels, both sex hormones + adrenals (stress hormone!), is vital to truly use the food as medicine approach. In a noisy world online, it’s easy to fall for the latest hormone supplement and latest food trend, but it’s time to stop the DIY + truly KNOW YOUR HORMONES.

This hormone test is a urine test that is taken throughout the day after ovulation to collect samples to get a comprehensive detailed look at what’s going on. You will leave truly understanding your hormonal health like never before. Move over blood work!

Who Should Take This Dutch Hormone Test?

This test is for women who are struggling with the symptoms listed above. Some conditions that could benefit from this test is stubborn weight loss, endometriosis, PCOS, infertility, estrogen dominance, and period problems.

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What You’ll Do With These
Dutch Hormone Test Results

What’s Tested Exactly?