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Food Sensitivity Test - MRT in Austin, TX

I’m sure you are TIRED of doing the DIY route with your health, I don’t blame you! If you’ve researched food sensitivity test (MRT), you’re looking at the right food intolerance test. A common question is “what’s the best food sensitivity test?” because it’s hard to navigate through all the at-home tests + see what’s accurate.

I know the last thing you want is to order a test + it not be accurate and you’re busy avoiding foods you actually don’t need to avoid. Move over IgG testing, MRT is here!

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Food Sensitivity Test Austin, TX

The Difference Between Food Sensitivity Tests

The biggest difference between MRT test and other food allergy tests (usually IgG driven) is that the MRT is an end-point test – which mean it’s connecting the food to the actual inflammatory mediator in the body (like cytokines!).

An elevated IgG response doesn’t technically mean that inflammation is the result. It’s the middle man, so why not just look at the end point!?

Who Should Take This MRT Food Sensitivity Test?

This food intolerance test can be taken by anyone who is curious about which foods produce inflammation in their body. But it's helpful for people struggling with any inflammatory condition/symptoms (headaches, rashes, asthma, gut issues, etc). If you think you have a gut issue, I recommend taking our stool test FIRST, since gut imbalances can cause many food sensitivities.

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What You’ll Do With These
MRT Food Allergy Test Results

What’s Tested Exactly?

If you want to see what your food intolerance test results would look like, click the button below to download a copy!

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MRT Food Sensitivity Test

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Food Sensitivity Test

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