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Micronutrient Test in Austin, TX

Have you ever been curious about what your vitamins and mineral levels are in the body? This micronutrient test is what you’re looking for! Ensuring your body does not have any nutrient or vitamin deficiencies is the first step to optimal wellness! These vitamins and minerals are the very foundation to every cell, organ, and system in the body. You can think of these things like fuel for your body.

Without enough fuel, your body will start puttering around. And no one wants that, right?

In Nuvitru’s micronutrient testing, it acts as a vitamin deficiency test, and also tests for minerals, AND amino acids (helllooo, protein!) in both your blood and inside the cell. This is more than just a vitamin deficiencies test. Why is this important, you ask?

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micronutrient testing Austin, TX

What’s floating around in your blood is great to assess levels in the body (this is what your doctor does!), but checking what is INSIDE the cell is equally important. You want to make sure that what’s floating around in the blood is actually making its way inside the cell. Inside the cell is where the party + magic happens!


Our micronutrient testing in Austin, TX is done via blood (yes, not the most comfortable test ever), but the results are phenomenal + you won’t regret understanding the nutrient levels in your body.

Who Should Take This Micronutrient Test?

This is a test that EVERYONE should run. Regardless if you’re healthy or sick, this is something that you should run to ensure you don’t have any deficiencies or borderline deficiencies that could be keeping you back from optimal health. Our micronutrient testing will show you exactly what your vitamin and mineral levels are.

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Micronutrient Test Results

What’s Tested Exactly with Micronutrient Testing?