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Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts {Healthy/Nutrition Edition}

fathers day gifts, healthy gifts

Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts {Healthy/Nutrition Edition}

Outside of the normal BBQ, fitness, + tool gift sets for Father’s Day, you might have a hubby that enjoys biohacking + being healthier in general! And you might be completely stumped on what to get him outside of his yearly new grill set or tool set. I’ve been there!!! We got you covered with some of our favorite gifts that range from being affordable to prices that are higher, but will win you BEST GIFT OF THE YEAR AWARD! (Just kidding, sorta.)

Father’s Day Gifts

Bulletproof Coffee Set

Bulletproof Coffee

What guy doesn’t like coffee?! As a nutritionist, I have to emphasize the QUALITY of coffee matters. Bulletproof is usually a safe bet, as they are particular about their method of growing, extracting, and testing to ensure no toxins! You’ll truly get a clean coffee. Add in some healthy fats, like ghee + brain octane to really deliver a punch of energy! Grab your kit over on Amazon!

Sleep Induction Mat

sleep induction mat, father's day, gifts, amazon

After a stressful day of work, he might need to de-stress and get his relaxation on. Sleep induction mats work by putting pressure on acupressure points to induce sleep, relaxation, blood flow, and stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system (that relaxation I talked about!). My husband and I both use mats like this if we need extra help to wind down. Even though it looks “painful”, it’s truly not that bad. Once you sit up from laying on it for a couple of minutes, you get this flood of relaxation all over your body. WE LOVE IT! This is also great for insomnia too! Get yours on Amazon!

Blue Blockers

Blue Blockers

Have a guy that is always looking at his phone, computer screen, or TV….especially at night?! Get him a pair of blue blockers! Swanwick is a really reliable company for blue blockers. Blue blockers help block the blue light coming from electronics that can suppress melatonin production leaving your quality sleep subpar. When the sun goes down, throw on a pair of these to protect your sleep! Get a pair on Amazon!

Oura Ring

Oura Ring, Father's Day

An Oura ring can track your heart rate, activity when you exercise, and sleep quality and quantity. Oura is known for their accuracy and sleek style that is still light enough, so it’s not really heavy on your finger! My favorite thing about it is tracking sleep – not only how much sleep you’ve gotten, but the quality of it! Getting good restorative sleep impacts your health tremendously! Check out Oura! (Pssst, then you can purchase a session with one our nutritionist/dietitians to see how you can hack your sleep and make it better!)

HRV Monitor

Electromagnetic waves

While the Oura ring does HRV testing too, if you’re looking for a little bit cheaper option and want to focus in on HRV (heart rate variability) the emWave2 is so helpful. It’s a biomarker of health, but ultimately shows how we are adapting to stress in our environment. Seeing our HRV in real time as we work and doing our day to day things, we can be more aware of it + learn to try to develop a more coherent pattern = nervous systems are synchronized = better health! Check out the emWave here!


Tonal Fitness System

If you are wanting to get your hubby a BIG gift, Tonal is all the rage. This at-home gym is the newest and coolest way to get your workout in if you can’t make it to the gym. Not only does it equip you with EVERYTHING you need to get a good workout in, it’s sleek and fits on your wall minimizing all the gym junk that you can accumulate. It replaces almost every machine you’d find at the gym Good bye dumbells + HELLLOOO Tonal! It also comes with a personal trainer and the ability to customize a workout just for you. Check out Tonal system here!

Red Light Therapy

Father's Day, Red Light, Health

What the heck is red light therapy? As Joovv says,

Red light therapy has been studied and tested across hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical trials, with overwhelmingly positive results for skin health, collagen production, physical performance & muscle recovery, sleep, joint pain, inflammation, and a lot more.


Make sure you click that link right above here to learn more about the science behind it, but this is the ultimate biohacking tool because all you need is a few minutes of your day to be in front of this light + you’ll reap the health benefits. You can get mini versions or full body versions depending on your budget! Check out Joovv!

Wusthof Knife Set

Knives, Chef, Nutrition, Father's Day

If your hubby is a cook in the kitchen, every man (and woman!) needs a good set of knives. You truly don’t know the power of a good knife + how much more enjoyable it makes cooking (SERIOUSLY!). Hands down, my favorite knife is by Wusthof! It’s a German brand and it’s built to last and the quality is non-comparable. I love mine and it’s my preferred knife! Get your set over on Amazon! If you don’t want to buy a whole set and/or on a budget, look for their chef knife to start your set. You use it for everything!

Life Straw

Father's Day Gift, Lifestraw,

If you have a hubby that likes to hike and go on adventures + travelling, having a Lifestraw can be life saving. This straw filters out common waterborne parasites + bacteria that can make you very sick. This is something that is a MUST bring when traveling to other countries or going out in nature, as you can literally drink water from a stream of water. Get a Lifestraw here on Amazon! If you want to purchase water bottles with the Lifestraw in it, click here!

Primal Kitchen BBQ Condiment Set

Father's Day Gift

Switching over to healthier condiments can be daunting because you really don’t know which one tastes the best + if it’s worth the money. Primal Kitchen never fails us + can help your dad use the best condiments on that BBQ he makes every summer! Get your BBQ condiment set here!

What are you getting your man for Father’s Day?! Are you going to try out one of these gifts? Father’s Day is a perfect reason to get him something that will benefit his health (as that’s the most important gift we all have!).

Happy Father’s Day, dads!

P.S. If you need Mother Day gifts for next time, head over to this blog!

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