Stop Jumping On Diet Trends.

Our Dietitians + Nutritionists Help You Stop Guessing + Start KNOWING What Your Body Needs!

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Imagine if you understood your body..

You understood why you felt so tired all the time. You knew what foods bloated you. You knew why your weight won’t budge. And that you understood what is holding you back from having a clear mind {brain fog can suck it!}.


You get totally overwhelmed by the newest trend you see on Facebook + all the health information as you scroll through Instagram. You ask yourself “but, will it work for ME?!”


Or maybe even worse you already think, “This won’t work for me. I’m stuck this way.”

You are not stuck this way.


It’s time to understand that your body is always communicating with you + that you CAN figure out why, even if you’ve seen so many other practitioners that tell you different.


You can have energy to play with your kids from the morning to the evening.


You can be mentally sharp at your next work meeting + keep track of playdates + kid’s sports like a pro!


You can lose the weight, keep it off, + feel damn good doing it. Pull out that bikini, sister.


How you are feeling right now is NOT your forever. It’s time to get unstuck + fall in love with your body + the journey. Are you ready?

"Anyone who has been considering this for awhile, I promise it's worth it! I finally feel like I understand how to properly fuel my body as a lifestyle, instead of all the diets I've been on. And it's so great knowing that it's been tailored towards my body, not just the general public!"
Emily H.

What We Help With

Digestive Issues

Hormonal Imbalances


Weight Loss

Our Approach To Your Health

Nutrition is our J A M ~ we help you figure out what works best for your biochemical individuality. We look at all aspects of your lifestyle – diet, sleep, exercise, stress, and your environment. Because it matters + if you’ve ever had care that didn’t cover all these, you haven’t gotten the care you deserve. 


We are trained in functional medicine nutrition, which means we look at your body as a whole. If we start talking about your poop and you come to us for thyroid, don’t look at us weird! 

What It Looks Like To Work With Us

Most of our clients work through one of our packages where we are meeting once per week for the first month + transition to meeting every other week. But we don’t leave you hangin’. You have the ability to text and communicate with us anytime through our app in-between sessions. Told ya we were there for you!


You might also be wondering what type of nutrition advice/diet we recommend. We don’t subscribe to a particular diet! Our recommendations are different with each client keeping their health goals + current health struggles in mind.


We’re serious on personalization, so each session is different in what we teach and talk about for each client, too! But, we do make sure to cover all areas of your life – stress, sleep, nutrition, exercise, + your environment.


What’s next? Fill out the form, so you can get a free exploration call in the books!  We’ll take it from there + you’ll be on the way to feelin’ your best in no time!

Single Session

1 Hour
$ 225
  • Individualized Protocol
  • Customized Supplement Recommendations
  • Book Follow-Ups As Needed*

Reset Package

2 Months
$ 995
  • 6 Sessions
  • 5% Off Practitioner-Grade Supplements
  • Individualized Protocol {Meal Plans Included!}
  • Customized Supplement Recommendations
  • In-App Support via Text
  • In-App Accountability w/ Daily Food Logging + Feedback

Committed Package

4 Months
$ 1995
  • ONE Lab Test {Value $500}
  • 10 Sessions
  • 10% Off Practitioner-Grade Supplements
  • Individualized Protocol {Meal Plans Included!}
  • Customized Supplement Recommendations
  • In-App Support via Text
  • In-App Accountability w/ Daily Food Logging + Feedback

Transformation Package

6 Months
$ 2995
  • TWO Lab Tests {Value of $1000}
  • 14 Sessions
  • 15% Off Practitioner-Grade Supplements
  • Individualized Protocol {Meal Plans Included!}
  • Customized Supplement Recommendations
  • In-App Support via Text
  • In-App Accountability w/ Daily Food Logging + Feedback
Best Value

Don't Waste Anymore Time

We know you are fed up with trying to do it yourself or you wouldn’t be here looking for someone. It’s time to figure out why you aren’t feeling like yourself for good.


Make the first step to booking your free appointment with us + learn about how we’ll lock arms together to help you piece together your health puzzle, so you can be feeling like yourself ASAP.  Can you imagine if you made this decision years ago + where you would be today? Don’t let another day go by!

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We do NOT take insurance. We can provide you with a Superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

You do not need labs right away, but if you have some done already, you can share that with us. Depending on your health goal, we can do the best we can with changing diet, supplements, lifestyle, etc, but if we ever get “stuck” and need more information on what is going on in your body to further support you, labs are needed to get to your goals.

We don’t want budget to keep you from getting the care you deserve. Please shoot us an email + we can see if we can help you! There is always the option of paying per session versus buying a package if you’re on a budget. But, gentle reminder, always prioritize your health first. We usually don’t realize how much you need health, until it’s gone (and we don’t want that!) 🙂

We’re always surprised by how often we hear this! We have protocols and experience in functional nutrition that almost always yield results if you’re willing to do the work. We’re confident that if you’ve said “I’ve tried everything” that you haven’t worked with Nuvitru, so you haven’t tried everything. We’re ready for a ‘challenge’ + support you the best we can as we dig into the root cause!

As of right now, we do not work with active eating disorders.

We sure do! We’d be happy to see your kiddo in our practice! 🙂 Nutrition starts in the home!

If we’re monitoring and giving individual advice, any additional person, add $300 to the package pricing. If you’re a mom or dad + we’re working with you, but you have basic questions for your kids, there is no additional cost.

Check out all of our speciality labs over on our lab testing page