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Sarah Vilenskiy – Healthy Skin and a Healthy Mind – {Episode 44}

Sarah Vilenskiy – Healthy Skin and a Healthy Mind – {Episode 44}

In this episode we sat down with Sarah Vilenskiy, founder and expert in natural skincare. Sarah explored ways to solve her own skin challenges and her story became relatable to others. She shares how Blossom Essentials goes beyond just being a skincare brand.

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About Sarah Vilenskiy

Sarah Vilenskiy, founder of Blossom Essentials, disrupts the beauty scene with a natural and clean hydration brand tailored for chronic dry and irritated skin. Leveraging her digital marketing background, Sarah embarked on this journey to solve her own skin struggles, and her personal triumph became a relatable brand story.

Blossom Essentials isn’t just skincare; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to nurture sensitive skin from the inside out. Our journey reflects Sarah’s mission to empower individuals, emphasizing both physical relief and emotional well-being.

Connect with Sarah Vilenskiy

Website: https://tryblossom.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/try_blossom/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@tryblossomessentials

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Resources Mentioned

  • Honey Salve {Anytime of day boost of hydration}
  • Social Media: Adam Grant (Psychologist)
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