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Sabrina Zohar – Disrupting The Clothing Industry {Episode 17}

Sabrina Zohar – Disrupting The Clothing Industry {Episode 17}

In this episode with Sabrina, we’re learning about how Sabrina is disrupting the clothing industry and her journey to how she got to where she is! Not only is she an inspiring entrepreneur, she has incredible wellness routines that we can’t wait to share with you! I loved this episode with Sabrina because we have such similar personalities, so it was such a fun chat!

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About Sabrina Zohar

Sabrina Zohar started her career in the fashion industry, working sales for large brands and showrooms. In the industry, she particularly noticed how brands were both ripping their consumers off with low-quality materials and offshore and unethical manufacturing plants and damaging the environment with inefficient and wasteful standard manufacturing processes. When her mother went to the doctor with a headache, was diagnosed with six brain aneurysms, and given a three-percent chance of survival, Sabrina realized there was more. She watched as her mother took this time of adversity as a moment to find gratitude.

When her mother survived, Sabrina decided to start Softwear the next day. After spending eight months creating the exclusive fabric and deals already in place with dozens of vendors, retailers, and other outlets, including The Iconic, Bloomingdales, Tracy Anderson Method, Rumble, and more, the brand has experienced unexpected success at a very early stage. Softwear is set to potentially make a lasting impact on the sustainable apparel industry while inspiring female founders and empowering US-based businesses and environmentally and ethically-conscious consumers.

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Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/sabrina.zohar/

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