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Parasite Health Effects

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Parasite Health Effects

I know intestinal parasites aren’t the most glamorous thing to talk about, but did you they are more common than you think? They can steal your nutrition and health! I just want to quickly go over some parasite health effects, common symptoms from having intestinal parasites, and go straight into natural remedies that studies are showing works! Let’s not beat around the bush & get straight to the solution. Am I right?!


What Are The Squirmin’ Symptoms Related To Parasites?


Abdominal cramping, diarrhea, exhaustion, itching around anus, bloating, gas, unexplained weight loss. So all in all, not fun symptoms. Parasites can go undiagnosed very easily due to those symptoms being very general and you might think it could be something else. I mean, not many people will just think…”I have a parasite.” Right? Ok, well a stool test can be done by your doctor to determine if you do have parasites and specifically what kind.


(My quick disclaimer: I highly recommend before starting any natural remedy or if you suspect if you are suffering from intestinal parasites that you do it under the supervision of a naturopathic // functional medicine doctor or parasite nutritionist.)


What To Do With Your Diet?


A strict diet is usually given to people dealing with parasites. This can be a strict paleo – no grains, legumes, alcohol, and no sugar (even natural sugars for a short period of time from fruit.). As parasites can thrive in this environment. Tons of vegetables, quality protein, and healthy fats (like coconut oil for example). I’ve even heard of peopl having success while juicing some fresh vegetables in the morning and drinking a glass per day.


What Natural Remedies Are Backed by Science That Can Help Eliminate Parasites?


Yeaaaaaah, this is what I love getting into. I’m totally the type of person to pop open my old school books on natural remedies and homeopathic treatments to take care of my problems naturally. I mean as much as I can. So, I decided to do some digging!

  1. Oil of OreganoIn fourteen adult patients that tested positive for intestinal parasites, when they supplemented with 600 mg of oil of oregano (diluted with an oil) for six weeks, they saw a complete remission in their intestinal parasites.
  2. Green Coconut Bark Extract. This was an animal study that was done on mice (also another one was done on sheep) that showed how this extract could be useful for intestinal roundworms. The triterpens, saponins and tannins were found in the extracts, which could be the reason of improvement in the parasites.
  3. Myrrh. An extract that came from myrrh showed to be safe and effective against certain parasites. 500 mg for 3 days showed 100% worm disappearance.
  4. Papaya Seeds. These seeds from a papaya fruit have been proven to help with intestinal parasites. Children from Niger who had intestinal parasites were given honey (as a placebo) or honey mixed with dried papaya seeds. 76 % of subjects that were given the seeds and honey were cleared of parasites.
  5. Ginger & Garlic. These two amazing foods, ginger and garlic fresh extracts, showed to reduce the number of parasites after 48 hours. I love chopping up fresh garlic and ginger and swallowing just like a pill for when I need these foods for certain ailments.
  6. Diatomaceous EarthThe food-grade version of this is known to kill parasites and it’s eggs. I have mixed a couple teaspoons in a glass full of water for digestion issues before as well & it worked wonders for me.
  7. ProbioticsMaintaining a healthy gut flora is very important, parasites or not. I love the Garden of Life Ultimate Probiotic to get these soil based organisms. Be sure to take these probiotics not near the rest of the supplements.
  8. Wormwood. An herb that helps rid of parasites.
  9. Black Walnut. An ancestral timed remedy to rid of parasites as well.
  10. Clove. A known herb to kill the parasite eggs that are left over.

If you want to work with a practitioner like us to help guide you through a more step by step process, head over to our Services page and learn more about what we do + request your free appointment. Can we say we’re parasite slayers? JK. Don’t let the parasite health effects hold you back from optimal health!

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