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Are you ready to combat that nagging parasite you've been dealing with? Parasite nutritionist to the rescue!

Believe it or not, parasite infections are more common than you think! While some people have subtle symptoms, others experience the significant effects parasites can have on our health!

Whether you have experienced poor or increased appetite, changes in your poop, feel bloated often, have painful stomach cramps, or even weird breakouts + skin rashes - It is time to get to the root cause of these symptoms!

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Personalized Nutrition Guidance

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Qualified Professionals

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Holistic Functional Medicine Approach

Time to put your health as priority.

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We hate that you get totally overwhelmed...

by the newest trend you see on Facebook + all the health information as you scroll through Instagram.

You ask yourself “but, will it work for ME?!”

Or maybe even worse you already think, “This won’t work for me. I’m stuck this way.”

You are not stuck this way.

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what our happy client says
what our happy client says

"I have had a lot of issues with my gut health over the years and I thought I would always have to live with my severe stomach bloat and cramps all my life my life... Because I had been to so many doctors and specialists, I was starting to lose hope because nobody could figure out why I was having these chronic symptoms...That is until I found Claire at Nuvitru! I’ve worked with Claire for a few months and I’ve seen amazing results. I got some lab tests done, and I found out I had a nagging parasite which related to a lot of the symptoms I was experiencing! After completing a personalized protocol to fight the parasite and get to the root cause of my symptoms, I can finally say I have hope again and can leave the house feeling GREAT without worrying about feeling (or looking) bloated. I’ve learned so much about nutrition and have completely changed the way I eat thanks to Claire!

We are confident if you haven't worked with us {Parasite Nutritionist}...

Even if you’ve worked with a ton of different specialists, we bring something unique to the table.
It's not just a one size fits all approach or or magic pill that is going to combat your parasite. While certain medications and cleanses out there MAY be helpful, it can also be a band-aid to the root cause. Our passion + drive to help you uncover what your body is telling you and giving you the right diet and lifestyle support is a game-changer.

So, PSA: Don't freak if we start talking about bodily fluids! You are hiring a parasite nutritionist after all 😛

You Can

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.. wear any kind of pants because bloating isn't any issue anymore!!

..feel confident about the foods you are eating + supplements you are taking because you are absorbing the nutrients!

..go to the bathroom with confidence and have predictable poop habits!

What It Looks Like To Work With Us {Parasite Nutritionist}

Most of our clients are inside one of our packages because that’s where the real transformation happens!

We don’t subscribe to any particular diet because we’re all different.

Our recommendations are different with each client keeping their health goals + current health struggles in mind.

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Wellness Collective

6 Month Minimum
  • Bi-Weekly Consults
  • Comprehensive Blood Panel
  • 1 Lab Credit Every 3 Months
  • Supplements Included
  • 4 Week Custom Meal Plans Included
  • In-App Daily Journaling Accountability
  • 12/7 Text Support
  • Quarterly Wellness Box
  • Wellness Library
  • Personal Trainer {Custom Strength Training Plans}
  • Thrive Market Membership
  • Pay In Full A Whole Year To Get A Discount

Wellness Collective Lite

3 Month Minimum
  • Bi-Weekly Consults
  • Comprehensive Blood Panel
  • 1 Lab Credit Every 6 Months
  • 20% Discounts on Supplements + Labs
  • 4 Week Custom Meal Plans Included
  • In-App Daily Journaling Accountability
  • 12/7 Text Support
  • Quarterly Wellness Box
  • Wellness Library
  • Personal Trainer {Custom Strength Training}
  • Thrive Market Membership

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Frequently asked questions


They often spread through food + drink, but also can be passed around in the household from utilizing the same toilets and pets.(Depends on the parasite)


YES! This is one of the major symptoms people have with parasites!

Depending on the parasite, yes it can! If you have any GI symptoms, there is always potential for a parasite!

Yes! Parasites can cause nutrient deficiencies due to feeding on your stash of nutrients. This leaves you with deficiencies that often can affect hair loss.

Processed foods that are higher in sugar and starch should be avoided during a parasite cleanse. 

Parasites often look stringy in stool, BUT not all of them are worms. There are cellular parasites that you might not even realize you are passing!

Comprehensive stool testing, like the stool test we offer, is necessary for picking up a parasite. BUT, not every time you go to the bathroom you’ll drop a parasite. So, it’s essential for stool testing to have eosinophil markers to pick up hidden parasites. Don’t worry – we got ya! 😉