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Kate Morton – Cycle Syncing Routines {Episode 9}

Kate Morton – Cycle Syncing Routines

Kate Morton – Cycle Syncing Routines {Episode 9}

We’re interviewing Kate Morton on this week’s episode and she is the founder of Funk It Wellness. We absolutely love this episode because for all your ADD/ADHD power women – it’s possible to have some type of routines! Kate is the QUEEN of not only cycle syncing her seeds, but also cycle syncing her routines. We can’t wait to hear what you have to think about this episode!

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About Kate Morton

Kate Morton is a Registered Dietitian, founder of Funk It Wellness, SXSW speaker and menstrual health advocate. Kate has a master’s degree in Human Clinical Nutrition and focuses on menstrual health and anti-diet culture education. After completing her studies, Kate moved to New Zealand where she began working with wellness start-ups to develop nutritionally sound products in the “better for you” market.

While in New Zealand, Kate started to presume a more holistic way of living that led her to dive deeper into the science of hormones and cyclical living. Kate’s mission is to empower all menstruators to have autonomy over their bodies and learn to make peace with food and their cycles.

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