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Back To School Immune Boost

back to school immune boost

Back To School Immune Boost

Whooo hooo! Kids are back in school + I’m sure it’s a bittersweet time. I know it is for us! We love having the kids home, so we can spend more time with them + WE don’t have to wake up early and pack lunches and remind them to do homework, etc. 😛 Let’s be real, summer is awesome. But, you’re here for a reason – maybe that back to school immune boost?

As the kiddos return to school, so will the “sharing the germs” with each other. Now don’t get me wrong, getting the occasional cold + flu is pretty normal in the child world. It’s a part of life. It builds up the immune system as we get older. We can’t prevent everything in life, BUT we can do our part as parents to make sure that their immune system is getting everything it needs to function properly.

Real wholesome foods is where it starts. Of course. Feeding your kids nourishing foods will help feed those good gut bacteria soldiers and provide vitamins + minerals. Earlier this week, I shared about making real food school lunches – so if you feel that you need some inspiration, go check out that blog!

Supplements can be a huge help though, especially for kiddos that are picky eaters. These are some of my favorite immune boosting + nutrient providing supplements that I give my kiddos for peak performance at school + to help them stay healthy. BTW we have rebranded to Nuvitru!

  1. Elderberry Syrup – Elderberry syrup has been studied to be beneficial against fighting the flu. Plus, it’s SUPER easy to make your own. I love to use it extra during times of illness, but I will use it to boost up our kiddos immune system if I know they’ve been around someone who is sick (like someone in class!)
  2. Vitamin D – Vitamin D is known to help stimulate the immune system by the activity of macrophages (white blood cells that respond to infections + get rid of dead cells). Our society spends more time inside than outside to be able to use the ultraviolet rays from the sun to create vitamin D. So, I do love having the supplement with me. If you are further north in the U.S. or in Canada, it’s particularly important to have vitamin D as a supplement, especially during winter months!
  3. Probiotics – The majority of our immune system can start in our gut. It’s a MUST to nourish our good bacteria in our gut and provide more good bacteria if needed. Since fermented foods aren’t popular in diets anymore, taking probiotics is ideal.
  4. Kid’s Multi –  A diet that is diverse + consists of real wholesome organic foods is best, but a multi-vitamin can fill in any gaps if necessary!
  5. Omega – Omegas are a huge part of creating healthy + strong cell membranes. They also make up a big part of our immune system. They influence behavior on all of our immune cells, such as neutrophils, T-cells, macrophages, + B-cells. Since our standard American diets are high in omega-6 and not enough omega-3, this can be pretty inflammatory to our body. We can easily balance our omega ratios with a good omega EPA/DHA supplement. EPA + DHA also can help kid’s perform at their best! Omega-3 influences a brain wave called P300, which can benefit their schooling by making a faster transmission of information and improve their memory + learning! Win!
  6. Echinacea Extract – Echinacea has been known to boost the immune system. In big medical journals, like the Lancet, shows that echinacea can decrease the chance of getting a cold and/or reduce the duration of symptoms of a cold. I make my own echinacea extract with vegetable glycerin, but you can buy it on Amazon too!

Do you do anything for your kid’s back to school immune boost to start their new school year off with a bang?!

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