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3 Weight Loss Diet Myths That Are Holding You Back

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3 Weight Loss Diet Myths That Are Holding You Back

As we gear up to head into the New Year with weight loss on top of mind, it’s easy to be bombarded with confusion on social media about weight loss diet. You’ll find classic weight-loss recommendations that can actually hold you back. If weight loss is your goal, you must not forget about all of the other aspects that serve your body – blood sugar balance, adrenals, thyroid, sex hormones, gut health, + more!

Some of these foundational important aspects are often overlooked because our focus is so heavy on weight-loss, so don’t make this mistake!

Let’s talk about these weight loss diet myths…

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You HAVE to focus on calories + prioritize calories in + calories out to lose weight. WRONG. This might be surprising to you, but in our practice that’s not the first thing we hyper-focus on + we have had clients who never counted a single calorie with us + lost a crap ton of weight.

There is more to food than a number. Food is information + it is so intertwined with our hormones, gut health, inflammation, toxins, + all these things that could be influencing our ability to lose weight. It’s not always a simple calorie in-calorie out formula.

While tracking calories can be helpful in some cases, it shouldn’t be your first priority.

Myth #2

You HAVE to lose a macro group – heelllllooo keto, low-carb, high-protein, low-fat. WRONG. If weight loss has been on your mind, you’ve probably googled some of these diets + are having a hard time deciding which macro group to kick out. While some people do get success with weight loss with some of these diets, there is more than weight loss you have to think about when you are choosing your lifestyle – blood sugar, thyroid, adrenals, gut, etc.

Now don’t get me wrong, certain diets like this can be helpful for being therapeutic, but if these certain diets don’t work with your body, long-term repercussions are real. All in all, you don’t have to kick out a macro group to lose weight.

Myth #3

IIFIYM (If it fits into your macros). This is a popular weight-loss trend that focuses on figuring out your macros (proteins, fats, + carbs) and you can eat WHATEVER you want, as long as it fits into the numbers. WRONG. As stated in the first myth, food is information + everyone is individual in what foods make them thrive + what foods don’t.

For example: sure that bread fits into your macros, but it leaves with you hella bloat + stomach pains.

If you feel like you are doing everything “right” and weight loss still isn’t budging, there is usually an underlying reason + running to fad diet is only going to keep you in the “diet mindset” loop.

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