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UTI Natural Remedies

UTI Natural Remedies

UTI Natural Remedies

Looking for UTI natural remedies? Nothin’ is more embarrassing and annoying than a urinary tract infection! It’s also an issue I see a lot of women asking for answers on social media. I wanted to bring some natural solutions into your home + tips if you find yourself battling back to back UTI’s all the time.

Side Note: While I LOVE natural remedies + will forever be a supporter of trying things natural, you may need antibiotics! Go to a doctor and get your diagnosis, see what you can do if you can do anything naturally, and if you need to resort to antibiotics. That’s okay too! I can bug you about taking Megaspore probiotics later. 😉 

Why You’re Getting UTIs

I always ask “why?” with clients because your answer to that question can be exactly what you need to do to prevent a UTI from happening next time! For example – not peeing after sex. Yes, I see woman get reoccurring UTIs that were relieved with just making sure they go pee right after intercourse! That helps to flush out any bacteria that could be pushed up into the urethra.

I should also mention that basic hygienic rules during sex also needs to be addressed. AKA – Don’t switch from anal sex to vaginal sex back + forth. I only feel the need to say that because of stories I’ve heard and that simply being the missing piece with why someone is struggling with reoccurring UTIs. 

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water + going to the bathroom as soon as you feel the need to! If you get reoccuring UTIs, you might want ask yourself if you take lots of baths and/or if you use the traditional beauty products, like body wash, soap, etc. These products can be irritating you!

E. Coli is the most common bacteria reason for getting a UTI. Because the normal treatment for UTIs is antibiotics, there is an increased rate of antibiotic resistance and I want to bring you some good researched prevention + remedy tricks for you!

UTI Natural Remedies

  • D-Mannose – This sugar is actually found in various fruits and vegetables (it is in cranberry, but we’ll talk about cranberry separately because it has more than D-mannose in it to benefit UTIs) and D-Mannose is probably the most studied natural remedy for UTIs. In a pilot study, D-mannose showed to help with the symptoms and it helped with the resolution of a UTI. After 15 days, 90% of the urine cultures from women with active UTI infections were negative! 

D-mannose is effective because it attaches to E. coli bacteria, causing them to stick to each other and preventing them from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract.

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  • Cranberry Extract – This supplement has been studied to help prevent the bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract compared to a placebo in a randomized placebo controlled study.  This cranberry extract was standardized proanthocyanidin-A. Standardized simply means that the company put the effort towards making sure every product and serving has the same amount of ingredients and same concentration. This is much needed for efficacy in herbal medicine. A smaller study done in the Journal of Urology also showed significantly that women with reoccuring UTI had reduced risk of getting them. While this small study doesn’t show that cranberry extract really prevented them, it compared cranberry extract versus an antibiotic that is also given to prevent UTIs and the antibiotics really didn’t have an advantage. So, cranberry extract can be used instead of an antibiotic that will increase your risk of antibiotic resistance and other issues.
  • Black Chokeberry – In a pilot study done in a nursing home, chokeberry juice was given to the residents and while there was no immediate relief of frequent UTIs, AFTER 3 months there was a 55% reduction in the group that drank the placebo drink for the first 3 months followed by 3 months of drinking the chokeberry juice! Black Chokeberry also has quinic acid, which has anti-bacterial properties. You can buy the berries and make asyrup, just like what we do with elderberries!
  • Probiotics – Just like your gut, your vagina has it’s own microbiome. One species that is prevalent in our vagina is the lactobacillus species! While there is a need for more research on supplementing with this species, there is some research showing that lactobacillus supplementation can help prevent reoccurring UTIs. It’s just like your gut – when these good bacterias are thriving, bad bacterial growth is hindered and vice versa. We need that balance! Also, any birth control that has spermicide on it will naturally disrupt your vaginal microbiome. 
  • Raw Garlic – I’m also OBSESSED with using raw garlic, since it is a natural antibiotic. It’s been used since ancient times for bacterial infections. Chop up a couple cloves of fresh organic garlic. Let it sit out for 10 minutes after you mince it and crush it. Then, swallow the little pieces like a pill. Wash it down with some water! If I’m sensing any type of infection, I usually do a couple cloves with each meal!

Of course, with any infection, I recommend to reduce the amount of refined/processed foods, sugars, etc. and up your intake of vegetables, fruits, quality meats, and healthy fats. Increasing your vitamin C during infections can also be helpful to help aid in your immune system getting rid of the bacteria + bringing your urinary tract back in homeostasis.

Have you ever used any of these UTI natural remedies?

P.S. If you need any help with your diet + bringing more healthy living into your life, book your free 15 minute phone call with me to see how we can help you!

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