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Toxin Overload Symptoms

Toxin Overload Symptoms, women tired, fatigue, brain fog, headaches

Toxin Overload Symptoms

Wondering if you have toxin overload symptoms? You might have some of these symptoms + think nothing of it! Our goal here is to remind you to NOT dismiss what your body is trying to tell you. It’s always speaking to you!

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Toxin Overload Symptoms


Did you know that constipation can increase your risk of toxin overload? This toxin overload symptom plays a big role in your detoxification. If you can’t poop, you can’t let out the bound up toxins, hormones, + everything else that has been processed through the liver to leave the body. Constipation can affect your bacteria + throw off the balance leading to increased enzyme production that can reabsorb these toxins.

Pooping is a VITAL part of optimizing detoxification in the body! This is a top priority if you’re struggling with it. If you feel like you are doing everything in the book, such as…

  • Hydration
  • Movement
  • Diverse diet

Then, we might have to dive into deeper root causes of why constipation is occurring in the the first place, such as hypothyroidism. But, make sure you are doing these foundational things!

Brain Fog

Cognitive function can be impaired by toxin overload. Hence, the brain fog! Toxins can affect the mitochondria inside of our cells, which is the cell’s battery powerhouse. Where there is a lot of mitochondria, there is high risk of feeling a toxin overload symptom – like your brain!

Not only is supporting detoxification important here, it’s also important to support the cell’s mitochondria.

Headaches/Muscle/Joint Pain

Any type of pain, no matter if it’s in your head or body, can be a toxin overload symptom. If you are having these pains chronically, it’s time to assess your toxin load!

Weight Gain + Bloating + Puffy

Ah, the weight gain that none of us want or the extra water retention. If you’re having stubborn weight gain, this is a sign of toxin overload. Toxins love adipose tissue (fat cells), which could be your body’s way of reducing the toxins circulating the body. While it’s not a symptom we want, it could be the body’s way of protecting you.

This is why weight loss can be a very toxic process + it’s important to have your liver and other detoxification pathways open before losing weight.

Chronic Fatigue

If your mitochondria aren’t working right due to toxins, then your Kreb’s cycle (helllooo high school biology) that creates ATP energy isn’t going to be optimal. Enter in chronic fatigue. No B12 supplementation or coffee will overcome it. Detoxification focus is PRIORITY!

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What To Do Next With Toxin Overload Symptoms?

If you’re ready to do some testing + get your health figured out 1:1, book a free 15 minute call with our team, so we can help give you that one-on-one care you deserve. You can officially say goodbye to DIY!

If you aren’t ready to pull the trigger to work 1:1, but want to learn more about how you can make changes in your diet and lifestyle to help ease toxic burden, join our community (this is free) and check out our Wellness Library under “Courses” in the community menu. This is a $99/month option that has on-demand classes that you can learn from with detoxification, hormones, digestion, + so much more.

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