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Naked Nutrition Grass-Fed Whey Protein Review

Naked Whey

Naked Nutrition Grass-Fed Whey Protein Review

As a fellow smoothie lover, I’m always looking for great protein to use in them! I like options! Have you tried Naked Nutrition‘s Grass-Fed Whey? Whey is one of those foods that may or may not jive with your individual body {helllooo food sensitivity testing}! But, I do pretty well on it! But, I’m crazy anal about the quality.

I’m always on the hunt for some good protein that will help me get those gains in after a workout or just a fun thing to put into a baked good to add in the protein!

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Enter Naked Nutrition Grass-Fed Whey.

  1. One thing that I’m obsessed about is quality! Where is your protein powder being sourced from? Naked Nutrition sources their whey from grass-fed cows from small farms in California. I’m always there to support companies who put this as a priority!
  2. I LOVE that there are NO other ingredients in their whey. 0. Zip. Just grass-fed whey! Keeping products as “clean” as possible is so important to me. They don’t use gums, sweeteners, thickeners, nothing. Just straight up whey, baby!
  3. In 2 scoops, you get 25 grams of protein. That’s perfect-o for after a workout! {Or for a snack ;)}
  4. They use third party testing confirming to have no contamination.
  5. The taste is fantastic! While I’ve only tried the vanilla, they have unflavored, strawberry, and chocolate! Ahhh! Of course when you use a protein, you want it to taste good + naturally whey makes your smoothies super creamy! Naked Nutrition made bomb flavors!
  6. And of course, they are #glutenfree and #soyfree and #gmofree!
  7. They also don’t use acid bleaching when they are processing it. Strictly, cold processed – keeping in the good stuff!

naked whey

naked whey ingredientsYou definitely can’t get ANY cleaner or better when you’re looking for a whey protein + trust me when I tell you that I’ve tried ALOT. Most whey proteins that I’ve used in the past weren’t as “clean”, while they had other organic ingredients and sweeteners, it’s nice to have to not worry about that + get the good stuff!

Have you tried Naked Nutrition Whey before?

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