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How To Detox Your Body From Toxins

how to detox your body from toxins

How To Detox Your Body From Toxins

If you want to learn how to detox your body from toxins, you’re in the right place! We are team detox over here because we know how important this is. This article will guide you through the three pathways that are necessary for getting the best detox EVER!

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Three Pathways On How To Detox Your Body From Toxins


As you know, hydration is important! One of the reasons it’s important is because it helps flush toxins out of the body through the kidney. A good place to aim for is 65 ounces per day, but that can vary based on activity! Feel free to get creative with your water too – you can drink herbal teas, carbonated waters, or add some electrolytes to your water!

If you struggle on getting enough water, you can try a cool timed water bottle, so you can keep track of your intake throughout the day and keep you accountable! This is my favorite one on Amazon.


Pooping daily is important as it gets rid of toxins that are bound up in bile. Constipation can increase risk of toxin overload because it can throw off your bacteria balance in your gut and increase an enzyme that can reabsorb toxins. So, we need to make sure things are FLOWING! We’ve written a really good article on foundations of constipation, so make sure you are doing those things before resorting to laxatives.

There might be other root causes of constipation, such as hypothyroidism, so make sure you are working with your practitioner getting to the root cause of this slow gut motility. The goal for detoxification + pooping is AT LEAST once per day. Stools should be type 4 on the bristol stool chart. If you are around type 1, this would still be considered constipation.

how to detox your body from toxins


This pathway is probably one of the least talked about. If you sweat pretty easily, that’s AMAZING and don’t hold it back or try to stop it. We need to be sweating regularly. If you have issues with sweating (I have my hand raised because #itme), you might have to try some things to help stimulate it, such as…

Studies show that sweating can help excrete heavy metals and reduce the toxin burden.

As you learn how to detox your body from toxins, make sure that you aren’t forgetting to prioritize LIMITING EXPOSURE to toxins too! Let’s stop the “retox”.

Need more education on how to detox your body from toxins?

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