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Why Green Tea Needs To Be In Your Cup

benefits of green tea

Why Green Tea Needs To Be In Your Cup

Try a cup of green tea a day will keep the doctor away. This tea originated from China and spread throughout Aisa and the rest of the world. I try to drink a couple of cups throughout the week, it’s always a delicious go-to hot tea. (Especially when drizzled with some raw honey!)

If you are wondering what makes green tea a positive influence on your health, you are in the right spot. Green tea is full of antioxidants (like catechins), vitamins, minerals, and caffeine. Green tea has proven health benefits that relate to the cardiovascular system, oxidative stress, cancer, inflammation, and more.

Cardiovascular Support

A meta-analysis study was done to see if the plant constituents of this tea and reduction cardiovascular illnesses is linked. The results were that patients had a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and brain hemorrhage (blood vessels in your brain rupture and causes bleeding) compared to patients who drank one cup a day. Patients that drank a couple cups a day had a reduced chance of stroke and a heart attack.

In the Chinese Journal of Natural Medicine, a study discussed how the catechins that are in green tea helps reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, which helps prevent many cardiovascular issues. Catechins inhibits vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation (contributes to inflammation in the vessel wall).


In cancer, apoptosis is flawed. The cells aren’t able to die and they continue to grow. Apoptosis is a mechanism inside of our cells to rid the body of dysfunctional cells. Green tea’s catechins are studied to influence apoptosis by altering the expression of genes. There was a randomized study done with men who were diagnosed with prostate cancer and prior to getting a prostatectomy, they were told to drink green tea, black tea, or water (the control). In men that drank the green tea, there was increased polyphenols in the prostate tissue and there was a reduction in systematic oxidation. There was also a decrease of NFκB with men drinking the green tea.

Getting a little science-y here for a couple seconds, bear with me. NFκB is a protein that can regulate genes that are in charge of the cell survival. In cancer, it’s been studied that something has gone wrong with NFκB by causing different gene expressions. NFκB can protect the cell from dying (aka apoptosis, remember that word from earlier?). In the study, the decrease of NFκB can be beneficial. Another study done showed that women who drank a cup of green tea a day had a reduced risk by 54% of ovarian cancer. More studies need to done.

Outside of those serious chronic diseases, this tea have caffeine and amino acids that can help reduce anxiety and give you energy. The antioxidants in green tea have also been shown to help reduce the risk of getting the flu. It’s been shown to help in weight loss by boosting metabolism.

Where To Get Green Tea

Of course, my favorite place to buy organic is Mountain Rose Herbs! I try to get loose leaf when I can, so I can reduce my exposure to some of the chemicals used on the actual tea bags (companies can still use chemicals on the tea bag, regardless if they tea is organic or not.) You can also go shop at your local health food store or herbal shop to find some loose leaf green tea! My favorite cup to use with my loose leaf tea is the Tea Forte ceramic cup!

Do you have green tea in your cup yet?

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