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Gallbladder Function + What Hurts Gallbladder

Gallbladder Function

Gallbladder Function + What Hurts Gallbladder

The main gallbladder function is to store bile that is produced by the liver! The gallbladder is like a little house + this house optimizes digestion by giving bile that place to go after it’s made in the liver. Before we talk about what can hurt the gallbladder, let’s talk about the functions + importance of bile.

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Functions of Bile

I feel like we hear about bile in a negative light due to gallstones + other issues it can cause, but in reality, this precious fluid is absolutely something we need to focus on!

  • It helps us digest fats
  • It helps use absorb fat-soluble vitamins {A, D, E, K}
  • It removes toxins from the body. Think of it being a taxi! Toxins and hormones that we’re done using can hop into the ‘taxi’ and be safely removed from the body. If they aren’t removed from the body, this can cause harm.
  • It kills pathogens. Similar to stomach acid, bile creates a healthy environment in our gut microbiome. When we are struggling with bile production + flow, these pathogens can thrive + live their best life.

We absolutely love seeing everything that this liquid can do for us! So, wha hurts the house {aka gallbladder}?

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What Hurts Gallbladder

Are you doing anything that could be harming the gallbladder?

  • Eating a low choline diet
  • Eating a low fat diet can also harm the gallbladder, due to the lack of stimulation of gallbladder contraction. Healthy fats = gallbladder stimulation to release bile + keep things movin’ + groovin’
  • Birth control pills are notorious for increasing risk of inflammatory bowel disease and leaky gut, but it can also increase cholesterol and decrease gallbladder flow. (Helllooo increased risk of gallstones). This is because of the estrogen in the birth control, but this also means that estrogen dominance can also affect the gallbladder negatively.
  • Just like stress can slow down gastrointestinal function and motility, stress can change the gallbladder functions and reduce emptying of bile. Uh oh, back up anyone?

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Gallbladder Nutritionist

Are you needing to work with someone on optimizing bile production and gallbladder function? You can schedule a free call with our team here at Nuvitru Wellness, so you can be confident that your digestive function from gallbladder to colon is functioning optimally!

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