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Episode 158 – EMF Detox with Dr. Kristin Moore

EMF Detox Podcast

Episode 158 – EMF Detox with Dr. Kristin Moore

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Are you a newb at EMF?! I am too! I’m so excited to sit down with Dr. Kristin Moore to go into a deep dive to …

Learn about EMF

  • What is EMF? Kinds of EMF?
  • How EMF affects our health
  • Her thoughts on wearables (like Fitbits and Apple Watches)
  • What is going on with this new 5G coming?
  • How we can reduce EMFs with our phones and home
  • Where are some places that we aren’t even thinking that emits EMFs?
  • How we test for EMFs

About Dr. Kristin Moore

As a chiropractor and natural minded health practitioner, I have always been interested in the chemicals and toxins that we are exposed to regularly that could be depleting our health. However, it wasn’t until a family member grew ill from a potentially EMF related issue that I became fully aware of the negative health impacts that EMFs can have. When I started diving into the research, I learned about how wide-spread the effects truly are and that hardly any of us have even been asking the question, “could my electronics be impacting my health?” I have made it my mission to educate others on the harmful effects of EMFs and to empower people to make simple and easy changes that can make a huge difference in their exposure and potentially make a difference in their overall health as well.

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Lahana Vigliano is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and CEO of Nuvitru Wellness. She has her Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition Science and Masters Degree in Nutrition Science and Functional Medicine. She is currently pursuing her doctorate degree in Clinical Nutrition. Lahana and her team help support women who struggle with weight loss, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, and many other lingering issues that leaves women not feeling their best. She uses food as medicine, as well as herbs and supplements when needed, to support her clients. She looks at the whole body holistically making sure women are understanding how nutrition, sleep, stress, and their environment impact their health. Connect with her on Facebook + Instagram (@nuvitruwellness).