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KIDS WITH ADD/ADHD: Influence Neurodevelopment

KIDS WITH ADD/ADHD: Influence Neurodevelopment

KIDS WITH ADD/ADHD: Influence Neurodevelopment

This week we are geeking out with Susan Phariss on neurodevelopment in kids with ADD/ADHD. Before we get into the episode, I just want to thank all the support with our multivitamin launch that happened this past week!

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What we cover in today’s episode….

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  • Why Susan got into this field of work
  • How she works with ADHD/ADD children
  • How long it takes to see improvement
  • How what she does is different from a speech therapist or occupational therapist
  • How food factors into ADD/ADHD
  • What us parents may be doing that is harming our kids neurodevelopment {no judging! I promise!}
  • Take away tips to improve concentration at home!

About Susan Phariss

— Susan Phariss is a neurodevelopment consultant, primitive reflex specialist, engineer, and expert on helping kids overcome learning and behavior challenges.
— She conducted one of the first controlled studies using neurodevelopmental movements to improve learning and behavior in a public school, resulting in triple the gain in reading speed over the control group.
— She is also a neurodevelopment consultant for private schools and early childhood development organizations. Susan believes it’s possible to change the brain and profoundly improve the future at a level most people never imagine.
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