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Cooking Hacks That Can Change The Food You Eat

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Cooking Hacks That Can Change The Food You Eat

If you are wondering how the heck some cooking hacks can change the food you eat, bear with me. I’ll be short and sweet.

How you cook impacts the nutrition in the food! Simple, right?

Certain methods of cooking, like with high heat cooking, can denature proteins, destroy nutrients, so it make your food not so nutritious. We won’t be getting too much into that today, but we will be getting into some cooking hacks you CAN do to make the nutrients more bioavailable and/or increase them! (Bioavailable means that our body can access the nutrients in the food easily.) Whoooo-hooo!

  1. Pairing up turmeric with black pepper can increase the absorption and health benefits of turmeric! Winning! If you haven’t read why you should get turmeric into your diet, read it here. So it’s simple, when you use turmeric to season your meals, crush some black pepper over it as well! If you are taking supplement form, swallow some peppercorns along with turmeric or find a blend that incorporate both – I use one from Gaia Herbs.
  2. When you are cooking meats, cook it with some onions and/or garlic. Using onions and garlic helps increase the absorption of iron in the meats. How cool is that? Some example of this is, chopped onions or garlic into meatballs or burgers, satuee some onions or garlic with ground beef in a stir-fry. Just pair ’em up!
  3. Okay, don’t geek out from this unique combination, but wasbi & mustard hold compounds that help increase the nutrients from broccoli. Yes, I’m telling you to dip your broccoli in mustard! This isn’t limited to broccoli, but cruciferous vegetables in general. Meaning kale, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, etc.
  4. Add coconut oil to your rice. The added fat can help slow down the absorption of the glucose that is made from rice. If you cool down the rice and eat it, it actually turns into a resistant starch that can feed your good gut bacteria and helps improve blood sugar control and helps you feel full.

Did you guys like those unique cooking tips? Told you these tips can change the food that you cook and eat! Getting as much nutrients out of the food we eat everyday is ideal! It makes us strong. Superman strong. Okay, not THAT strong, but pretty freaking strong. If you want more of what’s in this article, sign up below to stay in touch with the Natural Health Movement! Plus this little blog was a sneak peek of some of the goodies that are covered in my Holistic Living eCourse. Make sure you sign up, so you can get first dibs on this fantastic eCourse to make your transition to this holistic lifestyle easier!

Which hack are you going to try out this week?

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