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Is Cold Brew Coffee All The Hype?

benefits of cold brew

Is Cold Brew Coffee All The Hype?

Most Americans are coffee drinkers. Or should I say coffee addicts? I mean we love our coffee! Just recently has my palate adapted to coffee. For years (even after having kids), I never drank coffee. Then, my sister-in-law and her coffee entered the picture and I decided to finally give it another whirl. Once I found new reclaimed energy from coffee, I became addicted. After sleep deprived nights from kids or business, this was exactly what I needed to get through the day.

The debate has always been strong between if coffee is healthy or not healthy. We aren’t diving too much into that topic today, BUT to ease your mind, yes I believe coffee (for the majority of the population) can be a great beverage that is loaded with health benefits. It’s all about the quality of the coffee bean and what you are putting in your coffee. Coffee is known to be loaded with antioxidants, help with fat-burning, has nutrients, help protect you from chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes & Alzheimer’s, and decreases risk of depression (aka your happy drink!).

What you want for coffee beans is a direct trade (meaning there is a direct connection between the coffee farmer & buyer). Usually when the coffee is from a direct trade, the quality of the coffee beans are better. Another great tip is to buy as local coffee beans as you can. Just like food, coffee beans lose nutrition as time goes on. Organic coffee beans are also recommended to avoid harmful pesticides. (I mean who seriously wants that in their coffee?) It’s also important that you aren’t loading up the coffee with a bunch of sugar and creamer from factory farmed cows, which is a problem in itself. I love using some french vanilla coconut milk coffee creamer or almond milk. Super simple.

So, what’s with up with this new hype of ‘cold brew’?

Is it really all the hype and rage? It’s so popular now that you’ll find cold brew in local stores cooler section and you can even order some cold brew from Starbucks. When coffee grounds are heated up to a high temperature, more acidic oils come out into the coffee you are drinking. The balance of acidic foods and alkaline foods are pretty essential for optimal health. Studies show that a disruption of the acid-alkaline balance in our body can result in those chronic diseases we don’t want to have. Since cold-brew coffee is lower in acids, it can be the perfect beverage if you suffer from acid reflux issues. Less acid is also better for your teeth! There wasn’t much research I could find on specifically cold-brew coffee, but there is definitely is reasoning behind this hype of cold brew.

Wondering how you can make it?

It’s SUPER simple, even though it sounds pretty fancy. All you have to do is soak your organic coffee grounds into cold water overnight. The ideal time of soaking is 12-20 hours. You can make yourself a big batch or just one cup at a time. You can leave it out in room temperature or you can put it in the fridge. You can also soak in a cup and then filter it with a coffee filter into your new cup OR what I like to do is use my french press. When I’m ready to have it the next day, I just press the grounds down to the bottom and all I’m left with is delicious cold brew coffee. It’s just simply soaking your coffee grounds.

One of our favorite ready-made brands of cold brew coffee is Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate! It’s delicious!

Have you tried cold brew coffee? What are your thoughts about it? We’d love to hear your specific way of having your cup of coffee. Cheers!

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Lahana Vigliano is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and CEO of Nuvitru Wellness. She has her Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition Science and Masters Degree in Nutrition Science and Functional Medicine. She is currently pursuing her doctorate degree in Clinical Nutrition. Lahana and her team help support women who struggle with weight loss, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, and many other lingering issues that leaves women not feeling their best. She uses food as medicine, as well as herbs and supplements when needed, to support her clients. She looks at the whole body holistically making sure women are understanding how nutrition, sleep, stress, and their environment impact their health. Connect with her on Facebook + Instagram (@nuvitruwellness).