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Is Your Child’s Bubble Bath Product Safe?

safe bubble bath for kids

Is Your Child’s Bubble Bath Product Safe?

Who doesn’t love a calming bubble bath and you come out of the bath smelling like an orangesicle – a yummy combination of orange and vanilla. I’ll talk more about our favorite later! My kids LOVE bubble baths, but with the baby product market saturated with products that have hormone disrupting ingredients. It became irritating trying to find one that has clean ingredients. Here’s what I’ve learned about safe bubble bath for kids:

Before I knew anything about holistic, natural, non-toxic products, I used the classic Johnson & Johnson products, such as Baby Bedtime Bubble Bath (Blech – now that I’m more educated). What’s the problem with these products?


Parabens are known to disrupt our hormones (aka our endocrine system) – which is a major communication factor in our body. It’s being studied that it can affect the estrogen in our body – possibly contributing to breast cancer? It’s a commonly used preservative in beauty products. It’s also looked at as a human allergen and toxicant, too!


This term is a very vague term to use on beauty or cleaning products. Most fragrances that are in beauty products (or cleaning products) are artificial scents, hidden parabens, and can be a chemical cocktail for all you know. On many committees, fragrance is a known human allergen and toxicant. Not only is not healthy for us, but it’s also toxic for our ecosystem.

PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate

There are many ingredients that aren’t studied directly to be harmful, but have a high chance of being contaminated with ingredients that are studied to be dangerous. PEG-80 is a great example. It does have evidence to being a human allergen and toxicant, but other that it’s pretty low in being dangerous to the environment and having organ toxicity. It can be contaminated with a known human carcinogen – ethylene oxide.

This is where, you have to dig, dig, dig for answers. Your health is worth it! I love using Skin Deep’s Database to really get a feel for products and where the dangers lie. And these are only a couple ingredients that are in our beauty and bath products. Can’t you see where we can be overloaded with these ingredients? Especially if we use them everyday.

bubble bath

What are safe bubble bath for kids?

They are out there! There are safe bubble bath for kids! With the education and research that is being put into environmental toxins, more products that are safer are coming on the market! YAY! Here are some popular safe options for those bubbly bubble baths for you and your kids….

safe bubble bath for kids

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