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Bone Broth

homemade bone broth

Bone Broth

Bone broth is a huge topic in the holistic health world. It’s been used for centuries for it’s healing and nutrition properties. Today, we are going dive into learning about why bone broth should be apart of your daily routine, how to make it, and how to use it. Also, I want to make a note that broth you buy at the store is not equal to broth you make. Before I go further, we have rebranded to Nuvitru Wellness!
There are a few companies that you can order from online that makes great quality bone broth. It’s more expensive than what you could make at home though. Broth at the stores have been pasteurized (heated to a high degree) that all the nutrients and health benefits are destroyed. Plus, some brands add tons of unneeded sodium.

What’s So Good About Bone Broth?

Besides the delicious smell that fills your house when you make it, there are minerals, proteins, fats that are so bioavailable. Bioavailable means that it’s ready and easily absorbed by the body. Some minerals that bone broth holds are magnesium, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, and more. With these minerals, bones become strong, immune systems becomes strong, etc.

This is why bone broth is a component of healing tooth decay. Building strong teeth starts from the inside. If you interested in that, read the book ‘Cure Tooth Decay’ by Ramiel Nagel. (I’m currently on this journey of healing tooth decay, I’m sure I will blog about it soon.) There are also nutrients, such as glucosamine that helps with joint health. Glucosamine helps build the tendons, cartilage, and fluid around the joints.

Broth also is a major component in gut-healing for any autoimmune conditions and digestive issues. Gelatin in the broth helps ‘heal & seal’ your gut by promoting a healthy secretion of gastric juices. Gelatin holds essential amino acids, such as glycine, leucine, proline, arginine, lysine, and more. Glycine helps build healthy DNA/RNA to make sure cells function properly. It also helps produce neurotransmitters for healthy brain function.

Leucine is essential for muscle-building and protein synthesis. Proline is known for skin benefits because it helps in the synthesis of collagen. Collagen in broth is essential for your bones and skin. Intaking sufficient collagen can help make your skin silky, reduce wrinkles, etc. As we age, natural collagen breaks down (hence wrinkles) and proline can promote your body to make collagen to keep wrinkles at bay. Ladies, drop the ‘hair & skin’ supplements and add some broth to your diet.

Arginine has heart benefits to help improve blood circulation and helps blood vessels relax. It’s essential for heart health! Lysine is an essential amino acid in our body since we can’t naturally make it. It helps calcium absorption, collagen synthesis, fights viral infections, and helps use fat for energy. As you can see, broth is an overall health boost in every area.

Weston A. Price Foundation talks about how bone broth was used to cure many ailments –
“Gelatin was found to be useful in the treatment of a long list of diseases including peptic ulcers, tuberculosis, diabetes, muscle diseases, infectious diseases, jaundice, and cancer. Babies had fewer digestive problems when gelatin was added to their milk.”

Where To Get Bones

The simplest way to get bones is from a whole chicken or whole turkey that you cook. For beef bones, you can find them from your local butcher, local farms, farm stores, online, etc. If you don’t have enough from one chicken carcass you use, you can always put them in a bag and freeze them until you have enough to make a large stockpot of broth. Don’t be afraid to add weird things to them, like chicken feet, necks, organ meats, etc. This will add the extra gelatin and nutrients.

How To Make Bone Broth

Don’t be nervous. It’s not hard at all! All I do is put bones in a big stock pot, fill it with filtered water, add various spices (bay leaves, peppercorns, etc), add a dash of a vinegar (I usually use raw apple cider vinegar) to help leach the minerals out of the bones and cover it. Leave it on low to where it simmers overnight. I usually like to make bone broth for at least 24 hours before I strain it & store it away. Freeze it and make our soup for a future meal!

How To Use It

Obviously, bone broth makes some amazing soups. You can use it for any soup you want to make. You can also just put it in a mug and drink it like any beverage. You can use it in cooking different meals, meats, or vegetables. You can also make homemade gravy with it to make a gut-healing gravy and not from those pre-packaged packets.

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