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Banza has high glyphosate?! What?!

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Banza has high glyphosate?! What?!

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Today we’re diving into a hot topic that’s been stirring up quite the conversation. Moms Across America made a discovery that really caught our attention: Banza pasta, known for its chickpea-based noodles, was found to have the highest levels of glyphosate. That’s right, glyphosate, the controversial herbicide that’s been debated for its health effects.

You might be wondering, how did this all come to light? Well, Moms Across America is an advocacy group focused on healthy food and communities. They decided to test various food products for glyphosate, and Banza pasta came out on top with the most. This news has sparked a lot of questions and concerns about what we’re eating and the safety of our food.

In this episode, we’re going to unpack the Banza pasta controversy. We’ll talk about why it’s such a big deal and what it means for us as consumers. Plus, we’ll explore why choosing organic is more important than ever. Organic foods are grown without synthetic pesticides like glyphosate, and that can make a big difference in your health and the environment.

But that’s not all – we’ve learned some valuable lessons from this situation that we want to share with you. From understanding food labels to knowing more about how our food is produced, there’s a lot to consider when making choices at the grocery store.

So, if you’re curious about the Banza pasta story, concerned about glyphosate, or just want to learn more about the benefits of organic food, tune in to this episode. We’ve got a lot to discuss, and we want you to be part of the conversation. Don’t miss out on this important discussion!

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Lahana Vigliano is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and CEO of Nuvitru Wellness. She has her Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition Science and Masters Degree in Nutrition Science and Functional Medicine. She is currently pursuing her doctorate degree in Clinical Nutrition. Lahana and her team help support women who struggle with weight loss, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, and many other lingering issues that leaves women not feeling their best. She uses food as medicine, as well as herbs and supplements when needed, to support her clients. She looks at the whole body holistically making sure women are understanding how nutrition, sleep, stress, and their environment impact their health. Connect with her on Facebook + Instagram (@nuvitruwellness).