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Anxiety Recap {Triggers + Remedies}

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Anxiety Recap {Triggers + Remedies}

Welcome to anxiety week! Anxiety is a condition that plagues millions of people. Throughout this week, I’m going to bringing awareness of anxiety in many different ways!

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First up, we will talk about natural herbal support! As always, I have to give a reminder that these herbs *can be* a natural band-aid, if you don’t address the root cause of your anxiety (which we’ll list some later in this post). These are some of our favorite herbs that can be used in a capsule or tea form. While GABA isn’t herbal, it’s a great natural alternative. GABA is a neurotransmitter that we make that is very calming + it’s always in my supplement cabinet!

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Essential Oils for Anxiety

I HAD to bring in some essential oil love up in here! You see what’s pointing to the bottle below? Those are certain constituents that have anxiolytic activity (anti-anxiety) and I wanted to list the oils that are rich in this constituent 

  • Lavender
  • Lemon Balm
  • Rose
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Neroli

Lavender + ylang ylang are my personal favorites. I used to NEVER get heart palpitations with stress, but now I do. Regardless, a racing heart or heart palpitations, ylang ylang gives me its calming effects in minutes. Legit. I know I’ll probably get this question on what company I use so here ya go. I use Plant Therapy the majority of the time. (I’m not open to changing because I’ve researched and tried most essential oil companies! Use the company that you’ve found to be sustainable with your budget. Most importantly, one that has efficacy – there is no one size fits all best company).

Anxiety + Gut Health

Remember last week when I was speaking about the root causes of anxiety? Gut health can be one of them!  As we are now seeing in the research, gut health is linked to a WHOLE lot more than what is just found in the gut. It’s known as the second brain.

It’s linked to things like

  • Hormones
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune Conditions

it’s truly where everything starts.

When our microbes get out of wack , yeast is overgrown, or a parasite is all up in your business, things can get messy.. With dysbiosis (imbalance of bacteria), anxiety can show its ugly head because neurotransmitters (like serotonin) can change as most of it’s made in the gut. The increased inflammation can be a trigger of anxiety. 😩  The nutrient absorption from our food decreases and nutrient deficiencies can trigger anxiety.

Even if a natural anxiety herb or supplement has helped, we still have to DIG. Could it be gut health with you? Do you have a history of a gut issue, like IBS or constipation? Yes, even something simple as constipation can throw your microbiome out of wack.

Gut Health and Anxiety, Health, Holistic Natural Anxiety Remedies


Now back on my soap box to talk about cortisol. It’s sort of obvious that high stress would give you anxiety. We have to find the root of what is stressing us. Then ask how can we improve or what can we implement to deal with this stress if it’s not something we can make go away? 

Let’s be honest, being a small business owner can stress me out. Am I going to make it go away? NO, DUH. I’m called to be here to serve YOU! So, what can I do? Turn into my faith when this stressor comes along and lay it at His feet.

Real quick, let’s take a look at this hormone test that we do in our practice because we like to see your stress levels from AM to PM, This can show those spikes of cortisol, determine where they are at, and help us give you some herbal help in the right places to support you. We can also navigate things that might also trigger cortisol and anxiety like coffee!!  Are your blood sugars dropping due to fasting? Are you running around in your routine like a chicken with its head cut off? 

Cortisol and Anxiety, Natural Anxiety Remedies, Stress Relief

Blood Sugar Causing Anxiety

On the other post, I mentioned really quick about blood sugars and anxiety. How would this happen? When our blood sugars go too low, this can trigger adrenaline to be released. The adrenaline’s job is to trigger stored blood glucose out of hidin’ and bring it into the blood to balance it. When adrenaline is released, this can give some anxiety. This all starts with your diet and lifestyle

Blood Sugar Anxiety, Natural Anxiety Remedies

This is what we sit down and talk about with clients 1:1. Let’s get a plan made for YOU.

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