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A Holistic Approach To Fixing Abnormal Pap Smears + HPV

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A Holistic Approach To Fixing Abnormal Pap Smears + HPV

I’ve been wanting to write this article for quite some time because this is something I had about 6 years ago. I’ve never talked about it {I’m not sure why!}, but it’s SO common in women! You could’ve gone for your yearly pap smear and came back with an abnormal pap + even a positive HPV infection. From personal experience + education that I received in my post-graduate program where I dove into clinical nutrition, I created a holistic approach to improve the results of your next pap including which essential oils for HPV to us!

Why You Get Cervical Dysplasia

First things first, don’t freak out. Like I said, HPV is a very common infection and like with any virus, you CAN overcome + make this virus stay dormant and not let it bother you. HPV is the virus that causes cervical dysplasia. We get this virus from sexual activity. Usually our immune system will clear up the infection + you may never even know you have it, as it can stay dormant when your immune system is working efficiently.

I can attest that my lifestyle wasn’t healthy (at all!) when I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia + HPV. I ate terrible foods, stressed out, didn’t exercise, solved every symptom (like a headache or being sick) with medication, I mean what I would call Standard American Diet/Lifestyle.

I will be the first to say: if you aren’t nourishing your body + taking care of it, your immune system will be hindered + your body won’t work the way it’s supposed to and you are more susceptible to these issues.

Natural Remedies For Cervical Dysplasia + HPV

If you find yourself fighting against abnormal pap smears and stubborn HPV, don’t fret! I did things with my lifestyle + diet that I believe truly gave me the gift of NORMAL pap smears for the last 8 years. To this day, I still do a dance after every yearly pap!

While some women opt to have the LEEP procedure (which removes the abnormal cells in the cervix), THIS DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM. Yes, you might have a normal pap next time, but this doesn’t solve the underlying issue or support your body long term. I look at this as equivalent to removing a tumor from your body (while sometimes necessary), it doesn’t answer the question, “why did my body allow a tumor to grow in the first place?” If your new to Thrival, you’ll always hear me ask this question: “BUT, WHY?”

Nutrition + Cervical Dysplasia + HPV

Cervical dysplasia is linked to having nutrient deficiencies in..

These nutrients are all important to the immune system functioning. Supplementing with these was very important to me! Studies do show that a variety of nutrients that are included in the methylation process of DNA has been associated with nutrient deficiencies and persistent HPV infections (I know I already mentioned the nutrient deficiencies earlier!). These are folate, B12, B6, and methionine!

If you’re curious about your micronutrient levels, I run a blood test that tests inside your white blood cells to check for nutrient deficiencies, since serum levels isn’t the best way to see longterm deficiencies. Feel free to book your free 15 minute phone call to see how I can order it for you!

Herbs + Supplements + Essential Oils for HPV + Cervical Dysplasia

  • Probiotics – Probiotics are one of the first recommendations to help with supporting the immune system because the majority of our immune system is in our gut. There is also a WHOLE microbiome in our vagina, which is where baby first gets exposed to this inoculation during birth. In a pilot study, women who took the probiotics were to have TWICE AS HIGH instances of clearing the infection compared to the control group! Feeding your microbiome to support good bacteria is important too!
  • TurmericTurmeric is one of the most studied herbs for helping with cervical dysplasia and HPV. This was a supplement that I took EVERY DAY. I also incorporated some golden milk because my goal was to consume turmeric as much as possible, in many ways as possible. There are studies that supplement with turmeric (it can also be called curcumin, as that is one part of turmeric!) and studies that also show the usage of a vaginal application of a turmeric paste. I never tried the vaginal application, I just increased the amount I was consuming orally!
  • DIM – In broccoli/crucerfious vegetables, there is a powerful component called IC3! These influence the metabolism of estrogen in our body to be the more protective pathway versus the more dangerous pathway of metabolism. I remember reading about a study that was done that was double blind placebo controlled and the placebo group didn’t have an regression of cervical dysplasia, but half of the DIM group had COMPLETE regression!
  • Frankincense Essential Oil – Frankincense essential oil is the holy grail for anything cancer or immune system related. While I didn’t find any essential oils for cervical HPV specificically, I knew that it couldn’t hurt. I would dilute some frankincense oil and rub it across my pelvis. When I was researching this initially, I do recommend some people doing a vaginal application of coconut oil and frankincense. I got mine here! This is one of the essential oils for HPV that you can use.
  • Medicinal Mushrooms – I love me a blend of medicinal mushrooms. Reishi, cordyceps, shiitake, you freakin’ name it. These mushrooms have POWER in helping the immune system. A study that was presented at the Society of Integrative Oncology showed that a component from shiitake mushrooms and eradication from HPV was shown in women!!!
  • EGCg – This is a component of green tea! Another antioxidant that helps our immune system + reduce the free radical damage that the infection may be causing. Studies do show that EGCg has anti-proliferative (stopping the spread of malignant cells) properties + anticancer properties with HPV. While you can get this from green tea + matcha, which are FANTASTIC and you should drink… if you’re having reoccurring HPV infections + consistent abnormal paps, supplemental dosage is required!
  • Resveratrol – During any type of HPV infection or cervical dysplasia, my goal is to increase my antioxidant load to fight free radicals that are from infections that damage my DNA.

Another thing and study I found to be beneficial for fixing cervical dysplasia and HPV was not drinking alcohol. This is not an issue for me – as I don’t drink alcohol. But a study found that increased alcohol consumption increased persistent HPV infections.

While I didn’t use this, ellagic acid was also shown to reduce the risk of an abnormal pap smear in 6 months when supplementing with ellagic acid + Annona Muricata.

P.S. While I’m not going into this deeply here, I personally don’t recommend the HPV vaccination. If you haven’t gotten it + your doctor mentions to get it after you’ve been found to have HPV, a study done in the Journal of American Medical Association showed that getting a vaccine after contracting HPV won’t help clear the virus and won’t treat infections.

 The data from the current study suggest a protective effect of the ellagic acid complex on cervical cells, possibly through apoptosis, cell cycle arrest and repair mechanisms.

Onocology Letters

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