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Are You Struggling With Gut Health?

In this free class, we're diving deep into gut health! Gut health is something that you need to be addressing + supporting if you're struggling with gut symptoms, autoimmunity, sex hormone imbalances, thyroid issues, + more!

Make sure you grab a seat, cup o’ tea, + start learning!

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What You'll Be Learning

Because let's be honest, THIS is what you need to know. Once you understand what causes bad gut health, you'll know what to avoid for future problems.

In a noisy online space, you'll hear about all these supplements, but we simplify this by sharing three gut-loving supplements!

We'll be going over what foods can trigger bad gut health + what foods are absolutely healing to your gut!

If you're ready to learn what testing you need to help you determine what's going on in that little gut world you have, you'll leave this class knowing the difference from what normal doctors test for + what the functional medicine labs test for.

Grab your seat!

Your education on gut health starts N O W! This is a class you can watch on-demand, so whenever you are ready (and the kids are to bed 😉 ), you can grab your cup of tea and settle in with a cozy blanket to learn!