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Want to learn about environmental toxins?

In this free class, we’re talking about how environmental toxins play a role in your health – hormones, gut, fertility, weight, + more! You’ll also leave this class understanding what some basics you can do everyday to minimize toxin load. We also talk about lab testing and how that might be beneficial for you to understand what toxins are high in the body! Make sure you grab a seat, cup o’ tea, + start learning!

environmental toxins

What you'll learn in this class

You'll understand how exactly these environmental toxins reduce a female + male's ability to reproduce + overall how these toxins affect hormone production, transportation, + more!

The thyroid is a big part of our metabolism + helps our body run smoothly. Learn how toxins affect thyroid production + transport.

While we're quick to always blame sugar + high carbs for blood sugar imbalance {for good reason}, you'll learn how there is more to the story + how environmental toxins play a role!

How do you know what toxins are in your house? Where are they found? How do you lab test for internal toxins? We answer these questions + give you some things you can do everyday to reduce toxin load in the body!

Grab your seat!

Your education on environmental toxins starts N O W! This is a class you can watch on-demand, so whenever you are ready (and the kids are to bed 😉 ), you can grab your cup of tea and settle in with a cozy blanket to learn!