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Power Women Wellness is a weekly show that is taking women behind the scenes in a successful power woman’s daily wellness habits + routines. Hosted by Lahana Vigliano, MS, CCN, a board certified clinical nutritionist + CEO of Nuvitru Wellness, she understands what it takes to run a company mentally, physically, emotionally.
If you aren’t taking care of your health, the risk of being diagnosed with a chronic disease is much higher. Then, you’ll be forced to find the time to heal. 

What if I told you we could stop this before it happens?

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You’ll be leaving the show feeling empowered to start doing the small things to take your health to the next step. Because if these women can do it, so can YOU.



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We are taking out the guesswork in getting you to optimal health. We're combining yearly functional medicine labs, concierge nutrition and wellness coaching, quarterly wellness boxes delivered to your door to deliver a wellness experience throughout the year that you won't regret.

If you want to show up to your career and family with massive energy and clarity, confidence in your body, peace that there isn't a health condition silently brewing underneath the surface, then..

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Hey, I'm Lahana


Hey, I'm Lahana

If I told you that I was obsessed with health at 5 years old, would you believe me?
Because I was.

Deep in my bones, I knew this would be my calling

I started off as a pre-med major at local university before I was turned off by the “pill for every ill” that conventional medicine was teaching me. I found nutrition during my undergrad classes + switched my major to Nutrition Science. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, took some time off to be a mom (because I was a teen mom + needed just a quick breath), and started my business shortly after.

Nuvitru Wellness was born in 2015 and is now a team of functional medicine dietitians.

I graduated with my Master’s degree in Human Nutrition + Functional Medicine and am a current doctorate student in clinical nutrition. Remember, when I said I know what it’s like to do it all?

Yep, I definitely do.​​

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