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Continuin' Your Care

If you need to downgrade your membership with us, but don't want to stop your care, you've landed in the right spot! We love to see care continued + being your nutrition bestie 👯‍♀️

Below, you'll find information on our Wellness Collective MINI version!

Nuvirtru Wellness Team
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Personalized Nutrition Guidance

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Qualified Professionals

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Holistic Functional Medicine Approach

Create Your Healthcare Team - For Good.

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Health isn't linear.

It's a rollercoaster. We want to be there for you through it all...when you feel like you're getting off your plan or even when you're crushin' it - we're there to help pivot + guide you to your next level!

There is also no special time frame that healing can occur, so maybe things are taking a little longer for you than what was originally expected {+ that's okay} - we're here for ya!

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what our happy client says
what our happy client says

“One of my favorite things that I've done for my health is continuing to work with my Nuvitru dietitian. That itself has kept me on track, but it's so fun to get all the extra stuff found in these plans. I look forward to my wellness box every 3 months!!”

What Is Included In Wellness Plans

Wellness Box

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Every quarter, get a mini Christmas by getting a wellness box delivered to your door step!

These boxes are curated based on the season + are filled with...

Household products

+ whatever else is non-toxic + amazing! Every quarter, there is a surprise box that has your name on it! Don't have FOMO!

Collective Mini

$ 249 /month
  • One 1:1 Coaching Call {Monthly}
  • 20% Off Labs + Supplements
  • 12/7 Text Support
  • Digital Wellness Library
  • Quarterly Wellness Box

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