Finally! A Wellness Program That You Can Actually Stick To!

An affordable monthly plan that provides you with the coaching and accountability you need with a hint of Christmas coming to your door once per quarter.

If You’re Confused On What To Do About Nutrition, Welcome To The Club!

(Well, not us particularly as we’re experts, but to everyone else!)

As you scroll through social media, I know you’re thinking “Darn, I want to get in physical shape like her!” Or “I wish I had energy to do that with my family!”

What if I told you that instead of wishing for your health to be better, that it actually CAN be better? Our new exclusive wellness plan gives you the one-on-one coaching you desire to get the results you want without putting a dent in your wallet!

Nutrition Confusion Illustration
Nuvitru Wellness Box Mockup

Introducing The Wellness Plan!

Our wellness plan is mostly just offered to people who complete a package with us, BUT we do allow a certain type of person in the wellness plan. This is why we have you fill out an application. I know you’re on the edge of your seat wondering who this could be:

1. Someone who is relatively* healthy without any intense chronic conditions

2. Someone who has pretty good basic nutrition knowledge, but needs a little bit more guidance to customize her diet and lifestyle to her

If you have intense chronic diseases and conditions, we may require you to do a package with us first before hopping into the wellness plan. We do that because we care about you + the care you might need might be more intensive.

Because you + me have the same goal: 


So What Does This Magical Wellness Plan Entail?

1 monthly coaching call with your personal dietitian/nutritionist {30 minutes long}

In-app text support + weekly feedback on your food logs

20% off labs {+ our labs are the BOMB-DIGGITY. I promise, you aren’t getting these labs if you aren’t working with a functional medicine provider}

20% off supplements {Say goodbye to Amazon + helloooo practitioner-grade supplements}

Exclusive classes {Further your knowledge in nutrition topics that can uplevel your health}

Quarterly Wellness Box {Anyone love opening packages like it’s Christmas? Yeah, we do too!}

The quarterly box is filled with products that range from food, supplements, beauty, + non-toxic household items! Each box will be tailored to the season it comes out, so you’ll be ready for the season with high quality products!


Aaallll of these benefits for an affordable price of $179/month!

What Are You Waiting For?

You’ll Never Know If You Get Accepted If You Don’t Try + Apply!