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Patient Files: Morgan Driscoll

Patient Files: Morgan Driscoll

In this episode, we sit down with one of our patients, Morgan Driscoll. She shares more about the struggles she began to have after having her first child. We dive deeper into the continuous gut health work she is doing and how she is able to implement her healthy habits, even working 2 jobs and having a family! P.S. I love that Morgan is a nurse with a “conventional” background, because she shares about how she has been able to integrate more holistic recommendations even in a conventional setting!

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About Morgan Driscoll

Morgan Driscoll is a 28 year old mama of 2 young boys (8months and 4 years) married to her high school sweetheart. She has been a registered nurse for 5 years. Morgan’s biggest passions are fitness and nutrition. She is always looking for alternative remedies and a functional approach to things so she can truly feel her best, live a long life, and not get the traditional American chronic diseases Morgan see’s daily with her work.

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