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Naomi Seifter – Simplifying Food with Naomi {Episode 25}

Naomi Seifter – Simplifying Food with Naomi {Episode 25}

In this episode with Naomi, we are chatting all about food and simplicity! Naomi has taken her social media and content creation and created a space where she shares her love for food. Naomi shares with us some practical methods for cooking and encouraging people to cook more at home. Naomi and her family live in a 832 sq. ft. tiny-ish home a few hours outside of Austin, TX on a few acres of land where we have chickens and two dogs.  She loves gardening, foraging and sourdough. 

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About Naomi Seifter

Naomi Seifter is a passionate home cook who loves to experiment in the kitchen.  She is an entrepreneur + restauranteur turned content creator and her social media pages focus on easy and practical home cooking techniques to help encourage her community to cook more at home.  Naomi believes there is nothing more satisfying (or life-giving) than crafting your own delicious food at home, and she wants to show you how to do it! In addition to her shares online, she has 15+ years of experience working in the restaurant industry, and absolutely loves food.  Naomi founded a restaurant concept in Austin, TX (Picnik) when she was 24 years old, and Picnik’s mission is focused on real food + good vibes with a better-for-you approach to food and ingredients. 

In addition to Naomi’s career, she is also a wife and mom of 2 young kids.  She is from Olympia, WA (born + raised) and went to Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts.

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Resources Mentioned

Psychology of Achievement – https://amzn.to/40FixVK

Pantry Chat by Homesteading Family – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/pantry-chat-homesteading-family/id1525610340

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