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McCall McPherson – The Thyroid Queen’s Wellness Routines {Episode 27}

McCall McPherson – The Thyroid Queen’s Wellness Routines {Episode 27}

In this episode with McCall, she opens up about her battle with hypothyroidism and how it impacted her life. McCall shares what she has done to heal herself and how she is teaching and advocating for others who are suffering. We loved getting to chat with her and dive deeper into hypothyroidism and ways to get your life back. She is the queen of helping your feel in control of your body and overcome thyroid issues!

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About McCall McPherson

McCall McPherson is the founder of Modern Thyroid Clinic, a thyroid -centered functional medicine practice in Austin, Texas, and the now owner and Chief-Hope-Giver of Thyroid Nation. She is a physician assistant, TEDx speaker and a thyroid expert by way of being a thyroid patient. Her passion for perfecting thyroid treatment stemmed from years of her suffering due to the mismanagement of her own hypothyroidism. Now she lives, breathes and thrives in understanding the nuances of proper thyroid care. Her philosophy is simple: There is no reason to still have thyroid symptoms. She spends her time with patients to help them get their lives back and teaching and advocating for the other millions suffering who aren’t her patients.

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Resources Mentioned

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Alchemy Juice – https://www.alchemyorganicjuice.com/

Palmini – https://eatpalmini.com/

The 4 agreements book- https://a.co/d/6Ay4zoG

Glennon Doyle books – https://momastery.com/

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