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Maddie Miles – Cycle-Influenced Routines {Episode 32}

Maddie Miles – Cycle-Influenced Routines {Episode 32}

In this episode, we sat down with Maddie, the founder of Peace Love Hormones and expert in herbal healing! Maddie has always been extremely passionate about herbal medicine and learning to balance her body naturally. Maddie came back to herbs when she was preparing her body to stop hormonal contraceptives, and have continued to use them daily throughout her cycle and seasons. Herbs are the source of medicine and health for women and menstruators.

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About Maddie Miles

Maddie is a board-certified integrative medicine and health practitioner, clinical herbalist, and founder of Peace Love Hormones. Maddie had been studying health, wellness, and medicine for women for as long as she can remember. For starters, she had to do so in order to heal from the many diagnoses she received throughout her life, one of them being hypothalamic amenorrhea resulting from an eight year struggle with disordered eating during her younger life. Maddie saw the disparity in equality when it came to women and men’s health. She came to realize that most medical research has been done on the male body, so even the much more holistic, natural ways of healing the body were still focused primarily on the male physiology. She decided to make a change when focusing on her own health and finding ways to utilize herbs for healing. Maddie shares, “It was always us who were the healers, but we were suppressed by the hierarchy. However, some of us, like myself, have found their way back to plants and have an in-tune relationship with them that is indescribable.”

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Resources Mentioned

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Dr. Aviva Romm Podcast – https://avivaromm.com/category/podcast/

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