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Lillian Zhao – East Meets West Medicine {Episode 24}

Lillian Zhao – East Meets West Medicine {Episode 24}

In this episode with Lillian, she shares ALL her knowledge a food rooted from Eastern Medicine and how it has inspired her to use food as a form of medicine and healing for her body. She started as a network and community and grew into something incredible and now we get to hear her story and all the helpful tips as a health expert.

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About Lillian Zhao

Lillian Zhao is the Founder and CEO of Further Food, a food-based supplement company rooted in Eastern Medicine. Lillian’s inspiration for starting Further Food came from her mother who championed ancient remedies and time-tested practices of healing using food as medicine.

What started as a network of people sharing holistic health tips evolved into a brand that offers products rooted in Eastern Medicine and endorsed by health experts, taking a true East meets West approach to wellness. Through her hard work and dedication, she built a minority and women-owned business that inspires and helps millions eat better and further their wellness, naturally. She is a surfer and certified yoga instructor who lives near San Francisco with her husband and active one-year-old son, Dylan.

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Resources Mentioned

Elderberry Syrup – https://shop.furtherfood.com/products/elderberry-soothing-syrup

Marine Collagen – https://shop.furtherfood.com/products/marine-collagen-peptides?_pos=1&_sid=3aebbe703&_ss=r

Hazelnut Collagen – https://shop.furtherfood.com/products/hazelnut-collagen-peptides?_pos=1&_sid=dd757562d&_ss=r

The Innovator Solution – https://shop.furtherfood.com/products/hazelnut-collagen-peptides?_pos=1&_sid=dd757562d&_ss=r

The Innovator Dilemma – https://shop.furtherfood.com/products/hazelnut-collagen-peptides?_pos=1&_sid=dd757562d&_ss=r

The Wahl’s Protocol – https://shop.furtherfood.com/products/hazelnut-collagen-peptides?_pos=1&_sid=dd757562d&_ss=r

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