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Leia Nicole – Wellness Meets Entrepreneur Meets RV Living {Episode 30}

Leia Nicole – Wellness Meets Entrepreneur Meets RV Living {Episode 30}

It was so much fun chatting with Leia and learning more about her and her story. In this episode, we are learning all about fitness, health and nutrition. Leia is skilled in so many areas of health as well as massage therapy. She is extremely passionate about lifting women up and helping them take their control over their health. We are so excited to share more about Leia!

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About Leia Nicole

Leia has been a licensed, certified personal trainer since 2011 and massage therapist since 2007. She is certified in specialty areas such as Fitness Nutrition and Weight Management, Functional Training, Behavior Change, Pre and Post Natal Exercise, and Core Training to name just a few. She also specializes in many areas of massage therapy such as deep tissue, trigger point and more. Leia is the author of “Get Your Faith in Shape”, a 30 day devotional for the health conscious woman. Leia is passionate about helping women take control of their health and achieve freedom through exercise, nutrition and wellness, mentally and physically. Outside of work she enjoys hiking, being a dog mom, traveling and living full time in her RV, and anything active outdoors.

Connect with Leia Nicole

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leianicolefitness/?hl=en

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Website: https://www.leianicolefitness.com/

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Resources Mentioned

The Slight Edge: https://a.co/d/3Uy3AeV

Atomic Habits: https://a.co/d/hw0Txyz

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