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Learn how to control IBS symptoms, so you can go live your life in public without worrying about when your next flare-up will be!

Bloated. Defeated. Desperate.

You’re tired of planning your day around a bathroom. You feel mentally exhausted coming up with excuses to tell your friends why you’re going to the bathroom a lot.


Or worse…they don’t say anything, but you feel embarrassed regardless.


You go to the doctors + you feel like they run every test under the sun, yet the answer you get is “everything is fine!” **Cue mouth drop**




You want to give up because your belly feels huge with bloat and gas. You wake up not knowing if it is going to be diarrhea or constipation today.


 Don’t forget the dizziness, oh boy.


You are not ALONE. Many women that are coming into our practice has felt this way – confused, defeated, and frustrated.


You’ve tried everything recommended on social media, friend’s suggestions, Pinterest searches, but no matter what you eat or drink, it’s the same thing.


Is it time to stop throwing ideas to a wall and seeing if it sticks?

"I used to dread going to the bathroom every single day because I know the pain that was about to happen. No matter what I ate or drank or how little it was, it didn't matter. Hiring a nutritionist was the best decision I ever made. I have normal bowel movements and have zero bloat or pain. I know my foods that can trigger me, but I can finally live a normal life.

Meet Amy

Amy came to us after an IBS diagnosis from her doctor that left her feeling defeated that she would have to struggle with this for the rest of her life.


He told her that “everything is fine”, but everything was far from fine. She was in pain and diarrhea daily and felt like she was always 6 months pregnant (with bloat!).


She was scared to eat or drink anything because she knew that she would probably be stuck to the toilet all day. So, she found herself barely eating + getting nourished.


She was super nervous to hire a professional because she thought “if my doctor can’t give me a solution, what could another professional do?”, but she was desperate. She called our practice + signed up on faith!


We worked her through our gut protocol, which consisted of diet and supplement recommendations! We did a comprehensive stool test (this type is not usually done by conventional docs) + found her root cause.


We supported her with a personalized protocol + soon, she found herself with normal stools, no more bloat, no more pain, + feeling NORMAL again after years of suffering.

"But, Will This Work For Me?"

You may have been burned before with all the other things you’ve tried – random diets, supplements, shakes, + the list goes on, but….


What makes this different is that you’re working with qualified practitioners (aka your IBS buddies!) who not only understand the body but knows how to learn about YOUR body!


This is where the magic happens! You are an individual + you should be treated as such.


Our team consists of qualified licensed dietitians and clinical nutritionists who have the education + knowledge to help you get to your goals.


And don’t forget, we are your biggest cheerleaders that are guiding you every step of the way! You CAN do this!

Don’t let more time pass on staying frustrated + defeated.


  • Know what to eat, so you can feel your best
  • Be able to go out to eat feeling empowered + realizing that going to a restaurant is NOT a total nightmare
  • Gain more time living life with your family + friends versus hanging in the bathroom 


  • Be able to hold onto a job/career that you love because you are pain-free!

How Our Program Works

Consulting Sessions


Meeting with you on a regular basis helps us keep you accountable, be a place to ask questions, + tweak your journey where needed to keep you on track!


Comprehensive Stool Analysis

(Included in our 4 month or 6 month package)


In this test, we help you figure out your root causes with your bacteria balance, yeast, parasites, inflammation, digestive markers, + more! We’re tailoring this program to you, girl!

Accountability + Support


Between sessions, you might have questions come up that you need to ask or you want feedback on a specific meal you upload. We use an app, so we can stay in communication throughout the whole time, even in-between appointments.

Meal Plans + Gut Protocols


We want to set you up for success + after trying all the diets, you’re probably confused with how you should be eating. You’ll soon understand what to eat + creatin’ meals will be a breeze!

Request Your Free Explore Call

Single Session

1 Hour
$ 225
  • Individualized Protocol
  • Customized Supplement Recommendations
  • Book Follow-Ups As Needed*

Reset Package

2 Months
$ 995
  • Individualized Protocol {Meal Plans Included!}
  • Customized Supplement Recommendations
  • 6 Sessions
  • 5% Off Practitioner-Grade Supplements
  • In-App Support via Text
  • In-App Accountability w/ Daily Food Logging + Feedback

Committed Package

4 Months
$ 1995
  • Individualized Protocol {Meal Plans Included!}
  • Customized Supplement Recommendations
  • 10 Sessions
  • 10% Off Practitioner-Grade Supplements
  • In-App Support via Text
  • In-App Accountability w/ Daily Food Logging + Feedback
  • ONE Lab Test

Transformation Package

6 Months
$ 2995
  • Individualized Protocol {Meal Plans Included!}
  • Customized Supplement Recommendations
  • 14 Sessions
  • 15% Off Practitioner-Grade Supplements
  • In-App Support via Text
  • In-App Accountability w/ Daily Food Logging + Feedback
  • TWO Lab Tests
Best Value

What To Expect Next

Let's Be Real

You’ve tried to do this yourself + you most likely have tried to do it multiple times in different ways. If you keep trying to DIY yourself, you never know how many more frustrating years you’ll have! 


If you crack a tooth + need help, you go to the dentist, right?


So, if you’re struggling with IBS, go to the nutritionist + get the individual care that you deserve. 


Say goodbye to DIY + hellooo RESULTS! It’s time to invest in YOU, boo-boo!

IBS does NOT have to be a forever issue. We find that many of our IBS clients are able to get to the root cause + receive the right support to bring gut health back into balance!

The main symptoms for IBS are gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, and nausea.

Irritable bowel syndrome is not technically a diagnosis for a bacterial infection, so antibiotics are usually not given for IBS and can even make gut health worse.

Irritable bowel syndrome is not an autoimmune disease.

Irritable bowel syndrome is when someone has a lot of pain and change of bowel habits (diarrhea, constipation, alternating between the two). IBS is diagnosed on symptoms when everything else looks “normal”.

IBS can feel super painful in your abdomen and your bowels give random alternating flares between diarrhea and constipation. Your stomach may be really bloated and have excessive gas.

No, IBS is not hereditary.

It is diagnosed by symptoms. There is no official test that can diagnosis irritable bowel syndrome.

It occurs in your abdomen.

If you are suffering from IBS, this is your body talking to you that something is “off”. This is not ideal! You must figure out your triggers and find the root cause with functional lab testing.

IBS is not considered a genetic condition.