Regain your confidence with IBS

Learn the reason for your IBS, so you can get back to living your life without being afraid to be in public!

You Aren't Alone On This Dark + Anxious Road.

Rushing to the bathroom after your meal or planning your day around a bathroom was never on your list of things you want to do. You’ve been to all the practitioners and doctors and the only thing they can tell you is….


“It’s IBS. Here is a medication!”


You’re feeling alone, frustrated, + hopeless because there doesn’t seem to be an answer to why you are feeling this way. It seems that they are just treating symptoms, but there is no actual healing taking place.


  • Bloated all the time, so you have to rely on wearing leggings
  • Your abdomen has a trembling feeling
  • You feel like you can’t breathe 
  • Your stomach is super hard
  • Your stools are diarrhea or teeny tiny bits or constipation

You hate to admit this, but you can’t even trust your farts anymore.


What if I told you that IBS was a diagnosis for practitioners that basically say “your bowel is irritable and we just don’t know why?” BUT, what if I also told you that there IS a reason for your IBS? 

"After 10+ years of having stomach issues, and I finally feel great! I just assumed I would always have to live with this issues, and that it was my normal, but I was wrong. I reached out just because I wanted to lose weight (stuck/yo-yo over the last 2.5 years), but gained so much more."
Emily H.

"Will This Work For Me?"

Maybe you’ve been burned with so many different medications, diets, and supplements that you’re nervous to commit to something because nothing has worked in the long-term. 

That’s why our business was created. We wanted to support you + provide solutions that ARE long-term. So, you can say goodbye to flares and officially say….

“The toughest days are behind me.”


We emphasize you as an individual + our certified dietitians and nutritionists help figure YOU out. We want to ease your frustrations and help you stop the guesswork. We have worked with hundreds of IBS cases + have the experience + knowledge to understand what your next steps need to be.

What Would Your Life Be Without IBS?

You might feel alone right now, but you aren’t. We are here for you. We want you to achieve….

To be able to go on dates w/ confidence {because girl, you should enjoy this time right now!}


Not relying on leggings to be your only pant choice


Actually trusting your farts {no shame in my game!}


To be able to breathe and not struggle with discomfort


Have the feeling of complete + bomba** poops


Go in public without being afraid


+ for goodness sake, no more explosive gas!


Plus, we like having some fun! Who said your healing journey can’t have some spunk to it?!


What Others Are Saying

How Our Program Works

8 Consulting Sessions

(Value $1030)


Meeting with you on a regular basis helps us keep you accountable, be a place to ask questions, + tweak your journey where needed to keep you on track!


Specialized Gut Protocol

(Value $299)


We want to set you up for success + after trying all the diets, you’re probably confused with how you should be eating. We start you off with a therapeutic approach before heading into your lifestyle diet + man, does it get RESULTS!

Accountability + Support

(Value $399)


Between sessions, you might have questions come up that you need to ask or you want feedback on a specific meal you upload. We use an app, so we can stay in communication throughout the whole time, even in-between appointments.

Food Sensitivity Test

(Value $449)


In this test, we figure out which foods produce inflammation in your body, which can lead to gnarly IBS symptoms. You mean blueberries can cause inflammation? You betcha! We’re tailoring this program to you, girl!

Foundational Gut Supplements Pack

(Value $165)


These supplements we’ve packaged up cover your foundations that is needed for a healthy gut.  These are some non-negotiables to get you back on track. 

Comprehensive Stool Analysis

(Value $499)


This is where the magic happens + I promise, you’ve probably never had a test like this (yes, that includes you who feels they’ve done “all the gut tests”). We look into your microbiome to see bacterias, yeast, parasites, inflammation, digestive enzyme markers, SCFA’s, + MORE!

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What To Expect Next

Let's Be Real

You’ve tried to do this yourself + you most likely have tried to do it multiple times in different ways. If you keep trying to DIY yourself, you never know how many more frustrating years you’ll have! 



If you crack a tooth + need help, you go to the dentist, right?



So, if you’re struggling with IBS, go to the nutritionist + get the individual care that you deserve. 



Say goodbye to DIY guesswork + hellooo RESULTS! It’s time to invest in YOU, boo-boo!



+ don’t wait up to grab this deal because the clock is ticking!