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Ready to manage your Hashimoto's with diet + lifestyle!? Hashimoto's nutritionist to the rescue!

If you're worried about all the symptoms that come with an autoimmune disorder like Hashimoto's such as; hair loss, trouble managing your weight gain, irregular cycles, brain fog ( and the list goes on...) you aren't alone girl! It is time to dig deeper into what is triggering your autoimmunity.

We know this can be really stressful knowing your body is attacking itself with the uncertainty of what else can come from this or how to even manage your Hashimoto's, but your body is speaking to you, and we are here to help you along this healing journey!

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Personalized Nutrition Guidance

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Holistic Functional Medicine Approach

Time to put your health as priority.

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We hate that you get totally overwhelmed...

by the newest trend you see on Facebook + all the health information as you scroll through Instagram.

You ask yourself “but, will it work for ME?!”

Or maybe even worse you already think, “This won’t work for me. I’m stuck this way.”

You are not stuck this way.

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what our happy client says
what our happy client says

“I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's In 2016 and my life used to revolve around my symptoms. At 30 years old I hated worrying about whether I would have more health issues and other autoimmune disorders pile up as I got older and constantly dealing with irregular periods, hair loss, and trouble gaining weight were making me feel terrible. I’ve worked with Claire for a few months and I’ve seen amazing results. Now I feel so much more free + empowered when it comes to understanding my body + what triggers my autoimmune disorder. I’ve learned so much about nutrition, lifestyle changes, and have completely changed the way I eat and I feel so much better!.”

We are confident if you haven't worked with us {Hashimoto's nutritionist}...

Even if you’ve worked with a ton of different specialists, we bring something unique to the table.
It's not just about focusing on topical solutions. While it can be helpful, it can also be a band-aid to the root cause. Our passion + drive to help you uncover what your body is telling you and giving you the right diet and lifestyle support is a game-changer.

So, PSA: If we start talking to you about poop or hormones, don't freak out! I promise it's for a good reason. Your outside can reflect internal things! That's why people hire a Hashimoto's nutritionist! 🙂

You Can

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.. leave the house without worrying about if you will be too tired to do anything!!

..you can be empowered that you understand what has caused your autoimmune disorder + know what to do to manage it!

..lose the stubborn weight so, you can feel more confident in your clothes!

What It Looks Like To Work With Us {Hashimoto's Nutritionist}

Most of our clients are inside one of our packages because that’s where the real transformation happens!

We don’t subscribe to any particular diet because we’re all different.

Our recommendations are different with each client keeping their health goals + current health struggles in mind.

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Wellness Collective

6 Month Minimum
  • Bi-Weekly Consults
  • Comprehensive Blood Panel
  • 1 Lab Credit Every 3 Months
  • Supplements Included
  • 4 Week Custom Meal Plans Included
  • In-App Daily Journaling Accountability
  • 12/7 Text Support
  • Quarterly Wellness Box
  • Wellness Library
  • Personal Trainer {Custom Strength Training Plans}
  • Thrive Market Membership
  • Pay In Full A Whole Year To Get A Discount

Wellness Collective Lite

3 Month Minimum
  • Bi-Weekly Consults
  • Comprehensive Blood Panel
  • 1 Lab Credit Every 6 Months
  • 20% Discounts on Supplements + Labs
  • 4 Week Custom Meal Plans Included
  • In-App Daily Journaling Accountability
  • 12/7 Text Support
  • Quarterly Wellness Box
  • Wellness Library
  • Personal Trainer {Custom Strength Training}
  • Thrive Market Membership

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Frequently asked questions


Hashimoto’s is when your immune system attacks your thyroid gland, which causes low levels of thyroid hormone due to the damage done on the gland.

Hashimoto’s can go into remission where your immune system stops attacking your thyroid gland. You will consistently have to keep up with diet + lifestyle because flares can always come back.

You should ask for a FULL thyroid panel. Check out this detailed blog we wrote about this – https://nuvitruwellness.com/why-you-need-to-get-a-full-thyroid-panel/

It varies among people! If you know the root cause, you can focus on that + it will help tame it quicker!

It feels that Hashimoto’s + thyroid problems in general are getting more common! We are seeing this boom in ladies nowadays + we want to put a stop to it!

Yes! A Hashimoto symptom is hair loss. This can get better once you get autoimmune flares under control!