Are you passionate about helping people? About nutrition and healthy living? If you’ve thought about starting your own nutrition counseling business but are overwhelmed by the start-up or creating a business model, a Nuvitru Wellness franchise could be just right for you.

Our Brand


Nuvitru Wellness helps women struggling with weight loss, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, and more! We use a food-as-medicine approach to help women take back their health. We look at the whole body with clients taking into account their diet, exercise, stress, and sleep. We use functional medicine lab testing to help people find the root of their problems + support their body with herbs and food. We don’t promote calorie counting or macros like conventional nutrition. We help people reduce the inflammatory foods in their diet and eat wholesome nutrient-dense organic foods that work for their individual needs. Our sessions are client-led and take a hands-on approach when necessary.

Are you interested in franchising Nuvitru Wellness to bring a functional medicine nutrition practice to your community?


You must be a dietitian or certified nutritionist and passionate about helping others live a sustainable healthy lifestyle!

Nuvitru Wellness Franchise Includes:

Branding + Marketing Items

Systems + Sales Tools

Client Resources, Documents, Protocols

Functional Holistic Nutrition Training + Education

Client Referrals

Thrival Nutrition
  • Branding

    You don't have to worry about building a brand. We've got that covered through years of focusing intently on our digital presence! You're welcome to blog for nuvitruwellness.com and become part of our media presence, instead of trying to figure out how to build a website, drive traffic, and earn a following.

  • "Behind The Scenes"

    "Behind The Scenes" task lists run loooong. Being a part of the Thrival Nutrition franchise takes the burden off of you in creating sales funnels and systems, gathering leads/sales, pricing, creating services, how to work with clients, email marketing, advertising, etc. We show you what we use + how you use it to build your own practice!

  • Resources

    We want your time with clients to be special and easy. We're constantly creating ready-to-use meal plans, resources, eCourses, and more for you to easily share with your clients. You can focus on supporting them, not constantly creating materials.

  • Flexibility

    You control your schedule! We won't require you to work Monday-Friday, 9-5! This is where you get to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit by making your own schedule, finding clients, and taking care of them, while being a part of something bigger too.

  • Client Referrals

    In addition to bringing in your own clients, we will refer people to you in your location! Thrival Nutrition was built as a national brand, so we access women + families from all over the U.S! We're always getting inquiries around the U.S.

  • Training

    If you aren't too familiar with how functional medicine nutrition works or how to use herbs in addition to food for therapeutic levels, we are happy to provide you with resources and train you, so we're on the same page with taking care of clients the Thrival way.


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We will email you to book a call to do your first interview over the phone. This evaluation call can range from 30 minutes to an hour.

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Franchise Approval

We will get back to you with a franchise approval.

Paper Work

Secure Deposit + Paperwork

This step will be filling out, reviewing, and finishing legal paperwork + securing the deposit to your new franchise business!

Austin, TX

In-Person Training

Fly out to Austin, TX to do in-person training with CEO, Lahana Vigliano, + become an official member of the Nuvitru Tribe!