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Ready to stop feeling like you're barely able to get through the day because your energy levels are tanked? You're ready to think clearly, increase your energy naturally, and be able to get better sleep through the night - we get it, we live in a high stress society... BUT brain fog, lack of energy, and mood swings are NOT normal... But what can you do about it?Adrenal Fatigue nutritionist to the rescue!

If you're relying on caffeine to get you through your day and you feel like you are just going through the motions, you aren't alone girl! We've been there and done that. Your body is speaking to you, so what's it trying to tell you?

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Holistic Functional Medicine Approach

Time to put your health as priority.

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We hate that you get totally overwhelmed...

by the newest trend you see on Facebook + all the health information as you scroll through Instagram.

You ask yourself “but, will it work for ME?!”

Or maybe even worse you already think, “This won’t work for me. I’m stuck this way.”

You are not stuck this way.

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what our happy client says
what our happy client says

“I am SO thankful I found Nuvitru- I am a working mom of two and I truly felt like I was never able to be present with my husband and kids because of how tired and moody I was all the time... There were days where I couldn't even think straight I was having so much brain fog but I just kept downing multiple cups of coffee just to function throughout my days. I felt so guilty and not myself, so I knew I needed to get to the bottom of what was going on.

That's when I found Nuvitru, got some lab tests done and realized how imbalanced my hormone levels are and that my adrenals were OVERWORKED. After some consistency + discipline implementing the protocol Farrah at Nuvitru gave me, I feel like me again!! I no longer need caffein to get me through my days and I am a more present, patient wife, mom, and friend...If you are feeling 'off' I highly recommend getting to the bottom of your symptoms and truly taking a functional approach because it was WORTH IT! ”

We are confident if you haven't worked with us {adrenal fatigue nutritionist}...

Even if you’ve worked with a ton of different specialists, we bring something unique to the table.

We are a hands on company that will walk you through step by step what you need to be focusing on with your diet and your lifestyle. There is NO one size fits all "adrenal fatigue" program. You need that individual care. We are here to piece all the pieces.

So, PSA: If we start talking to you about poop or hormones, don't freak out! I promise it's for a good reason. Your outside can reflect internal things + demands your adrenals are trying to respond to. That's why people hire an adrenal fatigue nutritionist! 🙂

You Can

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.. get through your day without relying on caffeine again!!

..you can feel clarity in your day to day tasks!

..stop getting sick because you're immune system is on point!

What It Looks Like To Work With Us {Adrenal Fatigue Nutritionist}

Most of our clients are inside one of our packages because that’s where the real transformation happens!

We don’t subscribe to any particular diet because we’re all different.

Our recommendations are different with each client keeping their health goals + current health struggles in mind.

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Wellness Collective

6 Month Minimum
  • Bi-Weekly Consults
  • Comprehensive Blood Panel
  • 1 Lab Credit Every 3 Months
  • Supplements Included
  • 4 Week Custom Meal Plans Included
  • In-App Daily Journaling Accountability
  • 12/7 Text Support
  • Quarterly Wellness Box
  • Wellness Library
  • Personal Trainer {Custom Strength Training Plans}
  • Thrive Market Membership
  • Pay In Full A Whole Year To Get A Discount

Wellness Collective Lite

3 Month Minimum
  • Bi-Weekly Consults
  • Comprehensive Blood Panel
  • 1 Lab Credit Every 6 Months
  • 20% Discounts on Supplements + Labs
  • 4 Week Custom Meal Plans Included
  • In-App Daily Journaling Accountability
  • 12/7 Text Support
  • Quarterly Wellness Box
  • Wellness Library
  • Personal Trainer {Custom Strength Training}
  • Thrive Market Membership

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Frequently asked questions


Adrenal fatigue is properly termed HPA dysfunction and IT IS REAL!

Common symptoms of adrenal fatigue is chronic fatigue, lower immune system, loss of appetite, craving salty foods, needing stimulants to get going, etc.

Eating the right nourishing food, getting enough rest, reducing stress, changing movement to less intensity, + more!

Adrenal fatigue is layman’s term for adrenals not working properly and making enough cortisol (stress hormone). The correct phrase for adrenal fatigue is HPA dysfunction.

Adrenal fatigue is not usually an autoimmune issue.

You might see an endocrinologist for official treatment, but seeing other holistic practitioners, can help encourage other ways to support your adrenals. Example: We use food as medicine to help nourish your adrenals!