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I’m Lahana Vigliano, CEO of Nuvitru Wellness

I’m a holistic clinical nutritionist who loves to educate people around the world on ways they can improve their life with real food, fitness, herbs, and all that jazz. Before I got into all this holistic stuff, I was just an average student studying to work in the medical field. I was actually in the middle of finishing my prerequisite classes to apply to a Physician Assistant program. During this time, I lost my passion. My drive. It was gone.

I started learning things I just didn’t believe in… I knew there was a better way.

Did our society really come to this – where we throw medicine at every issue? Chronic diseases were still skyrocketing. I wanted to scream “WHAT IS GOING ON”?!

Then, I found my passion and started diving head first into holistic, natural health. I felt home. This is where I needed to be.

I switched majors and got my B.S. in Nutrition Science and did a post-graduate clinical nutrition program. I passed my clinical nutrition boards and am a Certified Clinical Nutritionist.  I launched Nuvitru Wellness in 2015 and have had some amazing experiences in the field with clients.

I’m currently getting my Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition + Functional Medicine.

Alright, enough of the fancy education stuff, let me tell you the real reason and motivation I’m here. I became a mom earlier in life than most. I was pregnant with my son, Isaiah, when I walked across the stage at my high school graduation. I got married and we had our second child, Faith. (Yes, I was going to college and working full time during all this. Call me crazy!) Truly, they are my life. Where I am today is all thanks to them because becoming a mom made me realize that our health and and good nutrition start in the home.

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Now, I wasn’t ALWAYS the holistic mama. When I had my son, I was still in college aiming to be a doctor. I didn’t know anything about nutrition. I was just flying by the seat of my pants doing what people and doctors told me to do. So, I’ve been in your shoes, eating conventional junk foods and using not-so-great-for-me products. Been there. Done that.

What I’ve found is once you know better, you do better. 

Which is why I’m here – I want to educate you and help you to create a healthy, holistic family so you also don’t have to be a statistic. We are made for more. Come and join this journey with me! I’m warming up the seat next to me, just for you.

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